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Monday, December 18, 2006

Does This Thing Work?

Seriously - does ANYONE know if this device works?

What you are looking at is the "Feline Evolution CatSeat Cat Toilet Training System". Supposedly, using such a device one can train cats to use the toilet.

Now of course with any system there are advantages and disadvantages.

1. No more having to buy litter.
2. No more scooping or box cleaning - cat by-product is flushed away.
3. Humor value. It is kind of funny.
4. Money savings over time. Litter is not super expensive but shit! 4 cats!
5. LESS WORK. Flushing the toilet takes a lot less effort than the alternative method.

1. It may not work.
2. If it does not work that is $100 pissed away.
3. I could have used that $100 in MANY other ways.
4. Backsplash. Backsplash could freak out the cats and make them stop using the device.
5. If a cat EVER falls in the bowl - then that is it. That cat will stop using the device and just find some other place to shit. Like on my pillow or in my shoes. Cats are evil like that.
6. Humans have to remember to leave the toilet lid UP and the cat seat DOWN (VERY IMPORTANT)
7. It is very likely that whenever humans go in the the throne room, they will be greeted by a stew in the bowl. Pre-flushing will probably be required.

As you can see, advantages clearly outweigh the disadvantages. That is IF disadvantage number 1 is false. If the device does not work, then it is a horrible waste of money. However if the device works than really there are no disadvantages! So what - you have to pre-flush. Is that a big deal? Not really. And if all I have to do is take a wizz, pre-flushing is not a factor! I do that standing up anyway. Besides, I would rather have to pre-flush than scoop, dump, soak in a strong bleach solution, dump the bleach solution in the yard, refill with litter, and scoop again in 10 minutes because some #%$%$# cat was watching me do all that stuff and had to use the box as soon as I got the thing clean.

Seriously, Sake has been known to come in from the back yard to shit. Can she use the back yard? Apparently not. Because if she did that in the yard, I would not have to scoop anything. The cat does not want me to get bored, or make me feel like I am not needed for anything.

What I require are some product reviews. If you have ever had inside cats, did you ever get such a device? Did it work, or did the cats just start to shit in your work shoes then watch you put them on in the morning to see if you notice before you get to the office? That will teach you to take away their box!

Cats can be evil like that. They KNOW that unless I catch one of them in the act, there is no way to tell who is guilty. So they post lookouts and have a complex system in place to warn the guilty party before I can catch them doing anything. I should put the four of them to work selling crack. The cops would NEVER catch them - and I would rake in the jack. Assuming of course that the furry bastards did not just keep all the money to buy premium organic catnip.


Blogger Meow said...

OMG, that is so funny. My daughter was just showing me a video she found on the net, with a cat bogging on the toilet ! It was very funny !! Don't think they used any device, though !! Cats are so very clever, don't you think. They have us humans wrapped around their little paws !!
I will email you, regarding the postcard thingy ... sorry I haven't yet.
Take care, Meow

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I tried it. My cats were either too dim or too stubborn to do it, so I am still cleaning up cat shit!

Blogger Sar said...

You do know how many crapping & pissing euphamism you used within this post right? Shit, you crack me up Lazy Iggy. Oops, I guess it's contagious. ;)

I have an indoor cat. She does all her biz in the litter box, but she eukes all over the place. Most recently? On a Christmas card that fell on the floor. Not on the surrounding floor, right smack on the card. Cats are evil that way.

Blogger Fuzz said...

Cats are evil.
One of my daughters tried something like this. They claimed it worked, but I notice they don't use it these days.
Our cats stay in the great outdoors and only come in for ocasional petting sessions.

Cats are evil
Cats are mean
Cats _______ (Fill in the blank)

Blogger The Lazy Iguana said...

I am going to give it a shot. Even if only one cat learns to use the toilet, that will work out to 25% less cat crap to deal with.


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