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Friday, December 22, 2006

Holiday Fun.

Welcome to Friday! and what a Friday it is. This is the Friday before Christmas. What does this mean?

It is time to go hang out in a mall. Not to buy anything - hell no. Just to walk around and mess with people. Pick up some crappy item and say to whoever you go to the mall with how much you would like to have it.

Then you watch to see if the frantic last minute gift buying dude bites.

OK OK so that is not that much fun. And by the way, "Songs Of The Humpback Whale" makes for a terrible gift. Really. If people like whales that much, they already have this. And if they do not have it then it is because they do not want it.

But whatever. This is the Friday before Christmas. Hardly the time to bring up heavy stuff. So what I have for everyone today is some fun! Just click the links for some virtual holiday good times.

First off, did you know there are evil hidden messages in Christmas Music? Well there is! And I have the proof. The proof, if you dare to uncover the truth, is here.

In other news, I Elfed myself. I needed the extra holiday money. We all have to do what we have to do.

And that is not all! Oh no! I have even more holiday fun that will keep you busy for a few hours. You can ROAST YOUR VERY OWN E-TURKEY! In real time. Yes, real time. You get an e-oven with e-dials and a 10 pound e-turkey. Set your e-oven e-thermostat, close the e-oven e-door, and then set the e-selector to "bake". When you think the e-turkey has e-baked, turn off the e-oven and open the e-door. Did I mention that everything is "e" except for the time? Thats right - the time is real. Everything else is virtual.

Fun fun fun!

By the way, special HOLIDAY BONUS POINTS will be awarded to whoever can find me the link to these so called "Miss Nevada racy photographs". I have not been able to find any.



Blogger Tan Lucy Pez said...

What do I win???

So, you tell me to quit screwing, but you F yourself. Raw deal. My turkey will be raw too, 'cause I refuse to watch the damn thing.

Blogger actonbell said...

LOL, you're a riot, LI.
It's the Friday before Christmas, and you should go to a PARTY. Or crash one--that would really mess with people.

Blogger The Lazy Iguana said...

Awww! Red stars covering all the good parts. Someone has to have the real photos.

But really - Nevada is the "almost anything goes" state. There are casinos galore. Bars never close. You can hire hookers legally. And they are that shocked over Miss Nevada's behavior? Come on!

TLP wins the grand prize by providing the link. You win a big ole bundle of holiday cheer and joy. You should be feeling it right about........wait for it.......wait for it.......and......NOW!

See? Who says you need egg nog to get into the holiday mode?


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