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Friday, January 16, 2009

All For Me Grog

So what a week this was. So far anyway.

On Monday I bought a bon voyage gift for the crew of the fair ship Wanderlust. A bottle of Pussers Navy Rum. A proper gift for sure. But I could not get to the boat club Monday or Tuesday.

But on Wednesday one of my many surces tracked down FREE FOOD and FREE WINE. And it gets better! The event with the free stuff was at the University Of Miami School of Marine Biology. I always wanted to go to that place.

And I heard a lucture from the the top shark researcher in the USA. Probably the ONLY shark researher in the USA. And what shark was he studying? Why the largest shark in the ocean. Also the largest fish in the ocean. Only the great whales are larger.

So what is this fish? The whale shark.

There are going to be three more Sea Secrets lectures at the school. I plan to get to them all. I like this kind of thing. Really cool.

And then I went off to the boat club to deliver the bon voyage gift to the crew of the fair ship Wanderlust. And what was the gift? A bottle of Pussers Navy Rum. It is supposed to be the same rum the British Navy issued as part of a daily ration to all personell.

They do not do that anymore. Now I think that was a mistake. When the British Navy ruled the seas, rum was issued daily to everyone. Today - the British Navy does not rule the seas anymore. And there is no rum.

See a connection there? I do. Rum ration, rule the seas. No rum ration, no ruling the seas. No empire.

Anyhow, the bottle got opened. And consumed. I did my part.

It was one of those nights.


Blogger Fuzz said...

I was never in the British Navy, but in the US Army the rations were never considered exactly "gourmet".

Blogger The Lazy Iguana said...

Rations in the King's Navy were not that great either. The officers had better food, but the enlisted men were lucky to get salted pork (mummified pork). It was either that or hard tack. I think the British also gave the men limes to prevent scurvy.

The daily rum rations were one of the few luxuries they had really.

Blogger Lily Strange said...

I love the Whale Shark!
You know, I acknowledge that the blog of mine that you'd been used to visiting is Dull City. I can't think of anything to post there. If you'd rather visit my satirical news blog instead, I couldn't blame you one bit.


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