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Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Lots Of Balls

Now this is hard to quantify. You see, I do not really pay attention to this "issue" when it comes up. Really. I do not care. And it is not an "issue" really.

So what am I talking about??

Why the inauguration balls of course! In theory these come around every 4 years. But not really. When a President serves a second term - nobody really cares. Sure there is still all the pomp and circumstance, for that is tradition and nobody fucks with tradition. It is traditional after all! So there is the whole swearing in, the obligatory speech, and then the parties.

But only when these things happen for the first time does anyone really care.

So it was 8 whole years ago when this was last in the news. And who can remember back that far? Well I can - IF I had paid any attention. Which I did not.

After all - it was hardly news. Inauguration balls??? REALLY!?!?!?! I suppose now you are going to tell me there will be fireworks too! And a parade. And some sort of ceremony. Probably a brass military band. And so on.

THERE ARE?!!??!?! Since when?????

Anyhow - NOT NEWS. We know about it way before hand. For it is traditional. NOT having such events would actually be far more newsworthy. For that would be bucking tradition.

I also know there are multiple formal parties. New Presidents spend much of their first day in office jumping from venue to venue, and taking care of important ceremonial things. I think there are papers to sign or something? Maybe a lease? Write a check to be held as a security deposit in case a pet chews up something really expensive and historic? Who knows.

But whatever the case, I vaguely remember inauguration events being chronicled 8 years ago. Not so much 4 years ago as it was a reelection. So there was nothing really new. Same deal for 1996.

So in the spirit of things, I would like to propose this anthem to be adopted as the official anthem of the day whenever appropriate. Either every 4 or 8 years.

I know - not terribly original - but it works. Sort of.


Blogger actonbell said...

Haha. It IS a big ball, and this is a most exciting time! I didn't pay much attention eight years ago, because we'd been stuck with a jerk. I still have fond memories of Jimmy and Rosalind (sic) Carter walking down Pennsylvania Ave. I watched it in a high school study hall.

I'd actually like to go to an Obama party, but there are none around here. Maybe we should have our own...

Blogger The Lazy Iguana said...

There is something going on in your area. I know there are things going on here.

And if not, create your own. Just show up somewhere. I suggest somewhere with good beer.

Blogger Fuzz said...

It's just hard for me to get worked up about it. Let them have their party. Unemployment here is 10.7%.

Blogger The Lazy Iguana said...

Fuzz - it does seem strange. But the big shin digs happen every time. And I suppose that a lot of the pomp and circumstance is important to many people.

But the next day, there better be some real work on real solutions to real problems!

Blogger Lily Strange said...

Being a curmudgeon I tend to think that any kind of gala event is a damn waste of time. I loathe the concept of debutante balls and think that the Oscars and such are boring as hell. My opinion of inaugural balls is pretty much the same. Maybe if you're there it would be more interesting. Myself, it would probably just make me uncomfortable. I hate having to put on airs. So hell with it. Just stay home, drink beer, eat chili and fart while watching movies or sports. It's much more fun.


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