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Saturday, January 03, 2009

Cosmic Origins

I do not know about you, but the novelty of the new year is all worn out on me.

It is going to have to prove itself to me before I believe it is any better than the year before. So enough of that!!!!

Now onto more pressing matters.

Skipper The Cat is back to scratching and licking himself raw again. He is allergic to something. Who knows what.

I bought him a cone collar. But he hates it. I put it on him and while it does prevent scratching an licking - it also brings on severe depression. Ever see a depressed cat? It is a sad sight. He just mopes around. Laying in one spot. Which is unusual behavior for him.

But if I leave it off he licks and scratches himself all night long.

This will certainly result in a vet bill.


I am really liking my Roku Netflix Player. It is this small black box that you connect to a TV. You can use HDMI, composite video (yellow RCA plug), S Video, or composite video. Pick one. There is also an optical connection for audio.

It connects to your high speed internet router either wirelessly or through Ethernet. I went with the wireless connecton.

Setup could not be easier. You just plug it into the TV, connect it to power, and you are done. It finds your wireless network, asks you for the SSID password if you have one, then it connects to Netflix and obtains a confirmation code. You then log into your Netflix accound on your computer, and enter that confirmation code.

The device then shows you all the movies on your queue that you can watch instantly. Just like that.

There is one flaw in the device however. You can't turn the thing off unless you unplug it.

Anyhow it is pretty cool. It works very well.


Blogger M@ said...

Huh. It takes a lot of equipment to live on a boat.

Blogger The Lazy Iguana said...

M@ - not really. In fact many are off the grid. You only have what can be powered by 12v batteries - which are in turn recharged by solar and/or wind. Running a generator can be done, but it can also get costly. And even if you have shore power (electricity) you are limited to 30 amps or so. 50 amps are as large as circuits get.

It is really a challenge in living simply. Having only what you actually need. You have no room for a lot of crap and junk. Everything MUST have a purpose to justify the room and power it uses up.

It is kind of like becoming Amish. Only I can keep my car. And since I will officially be a sailor I can curse like one and have an excuse. I can also drink like one. And I can believe in electricity, but only use the minimum amount required.

Honestly - I do not know if I can do it. I like hot showers and AC - which are a luxury to all but the wealthiest sailors who have water heaters and AC and a way to power said devices. A water heater alone can consume 30 amps.

On the plus side - I could sail to The Bahamas at will for free. Once the sails are hoisted and the engines are off - I get unlimited miles per gallon. BEAT THAT TOYOTA!!

Blogger The Doozie said...

how much does that net flix thing cost

Blogger Fuzz said...

Have you thought of changing the cat's diet?

Blogger The Lazy Iguana said...

Doozie - Netflix accounts start under $10 a month. I think it is $6.99 for one DVD at a time with a limit of thee per month. I have three DVDs at a time and no limit per month. Anyhow all accounts come with unlimited online viewing. The Netflix players for the TV start at $99 for the one I have and go up to around $350 for a Blu-Ray DVD player that can also connect to the internet.

Fuzz - yes I have. The problem there is that the other three cats will also need their diet changed. The special allergy-free cat food is expensive. For one cat it would not be too bad, Skipper does not eat a lot. But to feed 4 cats that stuff - two of them are gluttons - it would be costly.


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