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Monday, January 12, 2009

Fair Winds And Following Seas

To the crew of the sailing vessel Wanderlust. They are pulling up the anchor soon and departing for a grand adventure on the high seas. The crew consists of a family of three, and one ships cat.

I ran into the crew while hanging out at the yacht club that I like to drink at. They invited me on board for a Miami to Key Largo race. Of course I went. I spend two nights and three days on the boat. During all that time I was only on dry land for a few hours. After the race on Saturday we loaded onto a small tender and made for land. Land had a freshwater swimming pool. And a place to get food and drinks.

We may have lost the race, but I doubt any other boat had as much fun.

They always said that they were not here to stay. And who can really blame them? Their home floats and can go to many places.

It seems that the itinerary includes setting a course to the Panama Canal. Once in the Pacific Ocean they will continue heading south through the doldrums, crossing the equator at some point. Once in the southern hemisphere trade winds, the ship and all aboard will make a course to the west. Following in the footsteps of Captain Cook, places such as Tahiti will make for some neat ports of call.

This is the dream. Being able to go almost anywhere - without ever leaving home.

Fair winds and following seas Wanderlust. Say hello to the people in Tahiti for me.



Blogger Fuzz said...

Sounds like you're getting set up for that boat.

Blogger The Lazy Iguana said...

You know Fuzz - I think I would like to do that. The cruising lifestyle is just that - a lifestyle for a select few. You have to be able to be totally on your own for extended periods of time. I think I can handle that part.

What is really holding me back is resources. I lack enough. You do not need to be rich, but you DO need to be able to maintain a seaworthy vessel. Ad if you are at sea for weeks, months - or even a year or more at a time (round the world cruises take at least a year, usually people take longer - unless they are racing or something) you are not exactly going to be holding down a regular job.

So I will have to start off small time, with a boat large enough to live on and do some short distance cruising. And build up from there.


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