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Sunday, July 19, 2009


Things are going pretty darn good here on the island. I managed to wake up, then get to the marina.

This took more effort than one might imagine.

Of course the boat is at the marina. Floating in a wet slip. Ill have the same slip all week. This is great because all I can leave my dock lines tied to the pilings. To leave, all I do is remove the eye splice loops from the cleats on the boat - then leave the lines on the dock. When I get back the lines are already set. Once the spring lines are on the right cleats - the boat is exactly where I want it to stay.

This is the resort as seen by sea. It faces the open Gulf Of Mexico. The marina is on the San Carlos Bay side of the island. The ride from the marina to the resort beach is short.

Once anchored it is a short walk to the beach. And once on the beach you are close to the pool. I thought this was a decent photo. A shot of the beach, the path leading to the pool, and the boat anchored off the beach.

And the pool is close to the pool bar. The pool bar has rum. The rum featured here is Mount Gay rum from Barbados. On the rocks. A simple drink for a simple time.

After the proper amount of time spent at the pool bar, one remembers that the boat is still at anchor off the beach. So I had to wade back out to the boat, bring up the anchor, and get back to the slip at the marina.

Life is hard right about now. I am on a barrier island in Florida, with a powerboat in a marina wet slip.

There is also a Waverunner around here someplace. I remember towing it from Miami. I plan to take it out to play later today. Once the sun is up.


Blogger Lily Strange said...

Escaping to an island sounds damn good right about now.

Blogger Fuzz said...

Life is sooooo hard.

Blogger The Lazy Iguana said...

Lily - I highly recommend it.

Fuzz - yes it is. So many choices. Do I want rum, or one of three kinds of beer? Maybe I can make a frozen rum concoction? Who knows.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Lazy, email me at My old blog has been taken over by a stalker.



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