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Thursday, July 16, 2009

Goings On

I have TONS of stuff going on. So here is a preview of things to come!!!

Wednesday - Take the truck to Ye Ole Service Department for a new timing belt. I like to be on time to things, and for this to happen it helps if you have a good timing belt. Also, if the timing belt breaks pistons can slam onto valves - and this is NEVER good. I got this part done already, seeing as how Wednesday was yesterday.

Thursday - Get the truck back. Ye Ole Service Department finished working too late for me to get the truck back the same day, so Ill need to get it today. Then I have to finish getting the boat ready to trailer. And I have to get the Waverunner ready to trailer. This is pretty much done already. The boat trailer got a new torsion axle Tuesday! it needed one, as the old one had a rust hole in it that you could feel the rubber rods through. The rubber was also pretty shot, and was not really acting as a shock absorber as much. The action on the trailer axle was stiff. It is springy again now. The Waverunner trailer could use another tire. I also need to clean out the truck, and clean out the toolbox. I have to pack. I have to find the antenna for my wireless access point, or just get another one that will have greater range (802.11 G).

Friday - load the shit I packed into the truck. Take the cats to the vet where they will hang out for the week. Hitch up the Waverunner and pull it to the other side of Florida. Sanibel Island to be more precise. The boat is going to go also - someone else will pull it. Once on the island the boat needs to be put into the water and taken to the marina where it will hang out for the week.

Saturday - Drink something made with crushed ice and rum. Maybe use the boat. Maybe use the Waveruner. Who knows.

Sunday - Same as Saturday

Monday - Same as Sunday

Tuesday - Same as Monday

Wednesday - Same as Tuesday

Thursday - Same as Wednesday

Friday - return to Miami. Collect the cats from the vet. Wash down the boat and Waverunner. And a bunch of other crap.

Ill probably remember to post photos from Sanibel Island here. The place I stay at every year has high speed internet.


Blogger Lily Strange said...

That's a damn good week right there. Somehow I don't think you'd be trading it for my same shit different day...
No vacation in 8 years...


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