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Friday, December 11, 2009

5 Day Weekend!

I managed to score a 5 day weekend. I managed this through an elaborate series of complicated swaps. It really all started the week after Thanksgiving, when I worked a Sunday and Monday for someone else - and traded them my Thursday and Friday. Since I did not ask for that trade, I was able to score this Saturday off, by agreeing to work this past Tuesday.

With me so far? Good.

Then Monday - which was a scheduled day off - someone got sick, so I worked on Monday and traded for today. So now I have today, tomorrow, Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday off. Wednesday work starts at 1 PM.

And what was the point in all this? Well it seems to have confused the boss slightly.

But in reality, the plan for Saturday is....THE WINTERFEST BOAT PARADE! Yes, it seems it is that time again.

I have yet to assemble a crew. I might not have a crew. And it might rain. Forecast calls for a 60% chance. So I have that much going for me. Did I ever mention there is not really a good place on the boat to hide from the rain? Yea. Well there isn't.

But there is one cool thing. The Oasis Of The Seas is in port! This is currently the largest passenger ship at sea. She is 5 times the overall length of the ill fated Titanic, at 1,181 feet. This can also be expressed as .223 miles. Her beam (width) is 154 feet at the waterline and 198 feet at the widest point. She has 16 passenger decks and looms 236 feet over the water.

In relation to my boat, Oasis Of The Seas is 59 times longer, 23 times wider, and some 30 times taller.

I still have to get everything ready. I am hoping I know where the orange flashing light I need is. I have everything else.

Except a crew.

Sunday is another boat mission - on a friend's boat. So that is less work. No trailering and stuff. Monday and Tuesday are more like real days off.

Then Wednesday starts a regular week.

Ill be sure to see such a large ship when I am in Port Everglades. Ill attempt to get pictures of it, if the lens on my camera is wide enough!


Blogger Cheesemeister said...

I had some short weeks so I could finish my class. My pay check really suffered. I am now living on PBJ's.


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