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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Week Almost Over

Things are still going fairly well. The long work weeks do not seem to be having much of an effect. At least I do not feel like they are having an effect. I just show up, hang out for however many hours, then go home. But not directly home. I go hang out first.

As a result, I spend less time at home than anywhere else. And more time at work than anywhere else.

But no matter. It is all good. Work is not exactly difficult.

And now for the good part. The "health plan". Work offers a "plan" that pays me directly. Sounds good on the surface - but it really sucks. It is not much of a plan at all. If you happen to already have insurance, then it would be cool. You would get paid more than enough to cover most out of pocket expenses.

But if all you can afford is the work plan, it sucks. You see - if you need treatment you have to go to a hospital as a self pay patient. Meaning you are charged the highest rates. So the $750 per day you get paid for intensive care will pay maybe 1/2 of the cost - which means you pay the rest. But if you have existing insurance where your co-payment is say $500 per day for intensive care, you will get enough from the other plan to cover that.

On what I am being paid - there is not really a good way to afford an actual insurance plan.

So I do not know what I will do. I am thinking of taking some of the coverage - but not all of it. I can pick and choose what I want. I am still calculating the cost/benefit thing.

Other than that - this weekend is another sailboat race. I think I will be involved in this somehow. So that is how most of my day off will be squandered. Either on the power boat or on the Waverunner - doing sailboat race support stuff.

Not a bad way to end the week really.


Blogger Fuzz said...

This insurance stuff can get a little surreal.

Blogger actonbell said...

This sounds so wrong--"coverage" that forces you to self-pay? Is this legal?

Blogger Lily Strange said...

Finding private insurance sucks. It seems you're in fairly good health, but for every day a person is over 35 and for even the most minor pre-existing condition, most insurance companies tend to reject.
This sort of thing may be a possible alternative.


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