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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Smoking The Mac Crack

It finally got me. This whole Apple Mania caught up with me.

For a long time, I managed to resist. I never bought an I-Pod - I just bought cheaper MP3 players that did the same thing. Hell the MP3 player I bought is a 2 gig USB thumb drive that cost me a whole whopping $15. It plays MP3 files, it does not care where the MP3 files came from (there is no rights management on it, it will play anything without regards to the legality of the file in question), and even has a built in FM player. And it did not need any special software to be installed.

The 2 gig ipod was selling for something like $150 at the same time. And you could not even use it as a USB thumb drive!

But I had to smoke the mac crack eventually, so I got the iphone 3GS. The newest one. My old phone was OK - but it did get a little wet and stopped working for a day. During this time I accepted that the phone was dead, but at least the SIM card lived. So at least I still had all my contacts.

Anyhow, the old phone dried out and started working again. But I never really liked that thing. The battery life sucked, the web browser sucked, the alarm clock program sucked, and so on.

So now I have the 32 gig Iphone 3Gs. I was able to get the promotion price because I had the old phone for 2 years. Now Itunes is installed on my computer.

The Mac invasion has begun.

But the phone is really cool. I has a much better Google Maps application. The old phone had Google Maps, but the Iphone Google Maps is better. I also have a You Tube application - which the old phone lacked. I could not really even watch You Tube clips (at work) on the old phone.

I can watch the clips now. And the I.T. snoops will not even know! HA! A whole new era of clock killing at work has begun!

But really the apps are where it is at. I have a cool carpenters tool kit app that includes a plumb bob, a surface level, a spirit level, a ruler, and a protractor! Cool huh? I thought so.

Now I can see how level my desk at work really is - and harass the mainentence guy if I find it is off. Can't have my pens rolling all over the place you know!

I also have a Sirius/XM app, so I can listen to my satellite radio over the phone. I also have the free Pandora and Slacker music apps.

And I even have something called "active sonar"! This cool (and probably useless) app uses sound to measure distances! It was also free, so if it does not work no big deal.

I also got a bar code scanner, so now I can scan something in the store and use the internet to price check it. I can buy movie tickets with the Fandango app, or use the website I usually purchase through.

I even have the classic arcade game Dragon's Lair.

But the coolest thing so far is the Navionics app. My phone now has marine charts from Maine to Florida's West Coast, including a good part of The Bahamas and all of The Keys out to the Dry Tortugas.

As far as phones go, the iphone is the one to get.


Blogger Cheesemeister said...

Right now, being super duper uber broke, I'll just stick to my run of the mill Samsung. Hell, I still think the fact that it takes pictures is pretty high tech! Why I remember back in the day when cell phones looked like bricks! Round the time Sonny Boy was born. Shoot, I'm getting old!

Blogger The Lazy Iguana said...

I hear ya there. The data plan smartphones like the iPhone and Blackberrys do run into a few bucks. But it is really cool to be able to have the internet everywhere.

Blogger Fuzz said...

I have enough trouble just trying to make calls on the things.

Anonymous Anonymous said...


Anonymous Cheesemeister (too lazy to log in) said...

Wow, you must be super busy! Noticed on Facebook that it was your birthday so I stopped by to wish you a good one.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

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