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Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Hurricane Warning And Me.

I know what you were thinking before you visited my blog today. You were wondering "I wonder what is up with Lazy Iguana and Katrina The Hurricane. Well, since you wondered so nicely....

There you go. That red line is a hurricane warning. Miami is part of that line. Schools have already been closed for Dade County. But County employees (like me!!!) have to report to work. But here is the good news. Once the winds are above some speed, the airport closes. But I still get paid. That friggin rocks. I also have access to the free parking garage. Most employees have to use a large uncovered parking lot and ride a shuttle bus. The bus stops have a small covered area. One section of the lot is prone to flooding. The employee garage is much nicer. And I wear a suit - cant have special people like me getting wet now can we? Nope! So I get the hooked with the cool place to park. And I get a shuttle bus reserved for other people like me. I will get to work bone dry.

My weekend will be a wash out. But that is ok. My job is cool enough that it does not feel like work. Most of what I do involves meeting important people as they get off the plane, then helping them get out of the place quickly. This means I get to move around a lot. I am learning about all kinds of shortcuts I never knew about before.

So let some stupid hurricane try to mess up my weekend. I piss in the general direction of the storm. But not while the wind is blowing. I do not want to get pee all over myself. Pissing into 70 mph wind tends to do that to you. But really I do not think I will see hurricane force winds. Tropical storm force winds are far more likely. It is still a possibility that category 1 winds will hit. I am prepared for this, the fridge is well stocked with beer.

Too bad my hurricane web cam is not up. I never got around to getting one. Oh well, maybe next hurricane.


Blogger Aginoth said...

Pissing in the direction of the storm is not'll want to piss away from the storm if you don't want to get piss soaked clothes :)

grwgkeh v. To vomit noisily

Blogger GodlessMom said...

Send that sucker out into the gulf and then up my way will ya? I need some excitement.

Blogger Lissette said...

This is the BEST hurricane yet! I get out of work early today, I don't work tomorrow, and I got saved from having to make up a final I hadn't studied for! This is the first time a hurricane has been able to help me out, and all it's going to do is blow and make things wet!


Blogger The Lazy Iguana said...

I have to go to work today, but if planes can not land or take off it will be a very slow day. I can take a tour of the terminal building, and learn more secret shortcuts!

Blogger Kristen said...

First, I'm jealous of your new job. Second, I'm jealous of your stormy weather. All we keep getting is plain old rain, and not enough of it, either.

At least I can go to work in my pajamas.

Blogger Tan Lucy Pez said...

Ya know, I'm kinda jealous myself. *sigh* I have to wait until winter for a storm. But THEN, oh boy, I do love a big snow storm. They are so cool (I know you don't like "cool" but tough luck. I'm older than you and I can say it. 'Course you can delete it.)


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