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Thursday, August 18, 2005

Stuff And Things

There seems to be some confusion among my loyal readers.

1. I am not exactly unemployed. I do have a part time job. I worked a whole 2 hours this week. Today, I will work another 3 hours.

2. Over the summer, this job was very close to full time. I was working just shy of 40 hours a week. But I never took the job thinking it would turn into anything. I simply needed something to do, which was not too hard, over the summer.

I suppose I can talk about my current job now. I will probably be leaving it behind after today. The new job will probably have overtime available, and if this is so I need to get as much of it as possible. Not that I want to work on my days off, I really do not. But I accepted a job in a department that looks like it will go extinct in May. If I want to stay with the County, I do not have much time to make it seem like I am a good employee. I already have 1 year of service with the Florida Retirement System, I need 5 more years to be vested (I choose the PENSION plan, not the investment plan. Why? Well, lets just say that under JEB BUSH the state spend tens of millions on ENRON stock - and the loss was taken on by investment plan employees. I can do my own investing).

Anyway, where was I? Oh yea. Who I work for right now. I work for Educate Inc. This is the company that owns Sylvan Learning Center. I used to think that private education companies were strictly about the money. Parents pay, and the company tells them what they want to hear.
But, I was wrong. Sylvan really is a good program. I have seen, with my own eyes, students make progress. The program does work. Of course, it up to the student just how much progress thay make - but I do think that the program did help the vast majority of the students I worked with.

If your kid is having trouble in school, or just needs a little extra help with algrbra, Sylvan might be able to help them. Sylvan has programs for beginning readers, academic reading (for students that need to boost language arts skills), math (all levels from basic addition to algebra 2), and study skills. Commercial over.

Now on to other things. I changed my profile today. Where my occupation used to say education, it now says government. How about that. Government. This makes three for three when it comes to "real jobs". All my real jobs have been in the public sector.

More on why I think the private sector sucks in another post!


Blogger Aginoth said...

Got to love the public sector, so much time so little real work.

just a shame the pay sucks too.

On the other hand not many employers will willingly pay for the education of their staff, taking a raft of Health and Safety Qualifications atm. Who knows When I pass thm I may even stay with the civil service....

Blogger GodlessMom said...

My niece and nephew were educated in the Hawaii public school system and when they moved to Texas earlier this year they were woefully behind their Texas classmates. They went to Sylvan over the summer and are both actually going into this school year in good shape. I agree, it's a good program.

Blogger dddragon said...

I was pretty much an A and B student in the Los Angeles area, but when we moved to PA, I was behind and it took awhile to catch up. (Actually, I never did learn to diagram sentences.)

Mom and Dad were LA County social workers and then PA state employees, so they know ALL about working in the public sector. I've worked in retail, not sure it's better!

Blogger AP3 said...

Glad to hear that Sylvan works! Glad to hear that YOU work too! D'oh!

Unlike my sister dddragon, I grew up in PA... so I diagram sentences ALL DAY LONG. It's SO useful!

Blogger lucyerickson58758066 said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

ha! seems like from the above post that they're even spamming blogs... bastards!

now, i couldnt help but notice... "..just needs a little extra help with algrbra..." or spelling!

have another beer! on me!

Blogger Fred said...

I've always wondered whether those kinds of comapnies actually worked; nice to hear your assessment.


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