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Monday, October 30, 2006

Time Change

So, this time change thing is kind of nice. It is only 1 AM, and I am starting to get tired. I may be asleep by 3 AM today. That is, if I do not start playing Splinter Cell: Double Agent again.

But really - this time change crap is stupid. Why do we still do this? People say "it makes the day longer". I call these people "stupid". Fooling with a clock does not make the day any longer or shorter.

You know what will make the day longer? Slowing the rotation of Earth. Want to make the day shorter? Speed the rotation of the Earth up.

Yea I know - in the summer there is more hours of daylight than in the winter. But that is only true north of the equator. South of the equator, there are more daylight hours during our winter. You see, the seasons are reversed. When it is summer in North America, it is winter in South America. It has something to do with the tilt of the Earth. So next time you are at the airport and you see some doofus lugging around snow skis in August, there is a good chance they are going to Chile. Or Argentina. Or somewhere like that.

On the equator, days and nights are pretty much the same length. There is some seasonal variation, but not a whole lot. Just like there is not a lot of seasonal change in the weather.

But the concept of fooling with clocks twice a year is dumb. Maybe it made sense 200 years ago. But back then who had a clock? Nobody thats who. Only the rich could afford a clock that long ago. Everyone just got up at sunrise. Or when the chickens started to make an ungodly racket. Whichever came first.

And the rich with clocks probably had slaves or servants actually change the time. They did not do it. If they had to, then they would have done away with the crap 200 years ago.

But here we are. All this time later. Still doing this primitive BS. We did away with outhouses! We do not use corn cobs as toilet paper anymore! We all shower at least three times a week! We have things like a toothbrush, a safety razor, and hair dye!

So why do I still have to change the clock in the truck? And how friggin lazy can I get? In the time it took to type this, I could have changed the clock in the truck at least a few dozen times.


Blogger Saur♥Kraut said...

Dittos all around! I agree completely. SaurKid loves that Splinter Cell game, BTW. He makes me play it with him, but I'm the Idiot Seal Skippy who can't find his way around in the dark. You need to play it with him if you ever come up this way.

I posted about the cage that I was telling you about on the phone the other day. Pics are up!

Thanks for fixing the link. You're right, it sounds like it's gotta be Moon Unit!

Blogger The Lazy Iguana said...

But did you download the Pokemon clips??!?! Alarming!!

Blogger Ed Abbey said...

I'm guessing you already know this but the reason for daylight savings time is to save on enery, the theory being that people do more during daylight hours and don't use so much energy to light up the night. With that said, I have read that with today's modern society, more people shop later than they normally would during daylight savings time and thus burn up far more fuel than energy savings from less lights.

I'm with you, do away with it and let us get on with life without wasting an hour changing all the clocks. Congress in their wisdom had the chance but instead chose to lengthen it three weeks in the fall and one week in the spring next year. Yeehaw!

Blogger The Lazy Iguana said...

Well look at who is in charge of congress right now. And then look at the guy who holds the highest position in the party that is in charge of congress.

Not exactly a genius, is he?

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree, too. It's silly.

Blogger Fuzz said...

I think they only change the time to annoy us.
What's this stuff about outhouses ?

Anonymous Anonymous said...

So if daylight savings time is supposed to save energy, give more people more time to shop, let you drive home from work safer in the daylight, cure cancer, and prevent vampires why do just leave it there? What is the advantage to standard time? Don't say the farmers like it because they have to get up earlier now so that theory is wrong.

Blogger The Lazy Iguana said...

I never considered the "preventing vampires" aspect of it all. Maybe the government should just give us all garlic. Or silver bullets. Or are silver bullets only effective on werewolves?

Clearly, we need to be protected from full moons. And the government should just pass a law making the sunset illegal.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

The time change has caused the crime rate in my neighbor hood to rise. Just this morning Lawnmower man and Weedeater boy start violating noise ordinances at 620am next door! To make matter worse the lock on my front door was in on the crime. It seems when I went to go yell at the idiot and tell him next time I would call the cops my lock figured since the crime rate had just increased it should go into lock down mode. Oh then it started to rain... talk about get up on the wrong side of bed

Blogger The Lazy Iguana said...

I am anti-mowing. Let the grass grow man! Its like nature and stuff!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

holy shit nice post


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