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Friday, October 20, 2006

Is It Friday Already?

Wow. Friday already. It seems like only yesterday that it was......uhhh.....some other day. Like Sunday or something. Weeks seem to pass faster when you have no job to go to.

So how do I keep track of what day it is? Simple! It is all about what is on TV, and what is going on at Titanic. I like Titanic because of the beer. The chicken wings are also pretty good. The best nights to go to Titanic are Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday. Wednesday is the "Blues Jam", Friday and Saturday is more live music, and Sunday is Karaoke Night. Titanic is a small place, and on live music night it is VERY loud.

And on other news, I got word from the State about my unemployment claim! I get a mere pittance, with a cap on benefits of around 6k. And should my benefits run out before I get another job?

Not very likely to happen. You see, some good stuff happened on Thursday. Very good stuff. I hope to be back at work before Thanksgiving.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yippee! Good news, I knew someone would snatch you up before long.

btw, have YOU ever heard of disc golf? It's mentioned on Sar's blog today. The weather in Florida would be more supportive of this sport, is why I wondered.

Blogger Kristen said...

Hooray for good things that happen on Thursdays!

I'm unemployed for at least 8 months because I'm an immigrant. On one hand, I'm thinking this is great, because I've always dreamed of being off work to knit as much as I want. On the other hand, once the money we have saved runs out, I'm going to hate hate hate not being able to buy yarn. And I definitely don't have 8 months of money saved up. Eek!

Blogger The Lazy Iguana said...

Action: I had never heard of disk golf. But somehow, it seems less boring than real golf. Real golf players take the "sport" WAY TOO SERIOUSLY! I mean here they are, wearing dorky looking golf clothes, trying to put a little ball into a little hole. It is more of a "game" not a "sport".

Disk Golf seems to be more fun. I can imaging a group of players, yucking it up while having fun throwing plastic objects at the basket.

Kristen - FUNemployment is OK so long as you have money. It sucks once the money runs out. I have enough in the bank to last for a bit longer - if I do not go crazy buying crap.

The bad part - I had planned to go to Europe sometime next year. I still want to do this but now my budget will be tighter.

At least you have unlimited time to spoil your cats.

Blogger Tan Lucy Pez said...

Happy to hear the good news.

I have to check the calendar daily to know the date. I can usually remember the day of the week.


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