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Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Bugging Out

Time for a political post!

It seems the party in power is seriously bugging out. Big time.

Of course they have reason to freak out. There is a real possibility this time that they could loose control of the Congress. This is VERY bad! No more sweeping everything under the carpet! No! There could be investigations!!

Of course if nothing was going on, there would be no reason to fear investigations. This implies that since there IS concern among Republicans that there could be investigations if they loose power in the Congress something wrong IS going on.

What amuses me the most is all this time they have been telling WE THE PEOPLE that unless we are terrorists, we need not be concerned at all about the ever expanding powers of the executive branch to do whatever it wants. We need not worry about police agencies being able to detain people for as long as they want without them seeing a lawyer or a judge.

But now THEY are concerned that THEY might be under investigation. When WE are all under investigation it is good. If we are not doing anything, then nothing happens. But when THEY face investigations, they freak out. Why would this be? They are not doing anything illegal are they?

So the White House allows all the right wing blowhard possibly pill popping talk radio noiseholes to have a "summit". On the White House lawn or something. But can one really call it a "summit"? The term implies TWO SIDES having a little chat about how to play nice. So where was the other side? It seems the other side was not invited. So what was so "summity" about the "summit"?

And on the TV things are just as amusing! Why, they are pulling out the "San Francisco liberals like Nancy Pelosi will take over" crap again. I heard someone say this. They also mentioned New York and Massachusetts - I wonder who they were talking about there?

Anyway, lets just take the "San Francisco" stab for now. What are they trying to say? Are they implying that since San Francisco has a very large and very out of the closet gay community that gay liberals will take over? I find this amusing as well. It seems that every day another gay republican is forced out of the closet. Now it is clear why the so-called "log cabin" republicans were allowed to be around. The rest of the party secretly admired them - even as they deamonized anything even close to "slightly fruity".

And even Bush is having to flip flop on his major blunder - going into Iraq. Why just a month or two ago all Bush could say is "we will not cut and run". He also said "stay the course" a lot. Now, that message is changing. The White House is trying to back away from "stay the course". This amuses me because that is all Bush had! Now that "stay the course" is changing to "veer off course just a little bit" what sound clip will republicans be able to use? I have a suggestion - try "stay the course UNLESS said course is not good to stay on, in which case change course and blame San Francisco". That will work!

The republicans are also pulling out the old "democrats will raise taxes" crap again. What a load that is. First off, Bush will STILL have his veto power. It is not likely the democrats will obtain a 2/3 majority in both branches of Congress. The thing is, Bush might have forgot he has veto power. It is not like he has used it in all the time as President.

And another thing - why should taxes NOT go up? I mean, we have to pay for this war somehow! Nothing is free right? If you want something, you have to pay for it! I can not just go to the supermarket and proclaim "I require free ice for I am going out in my boat today!". I have to PAY for the ice I need. It is how the system works! I work, I get money, I use the money to pay for crap I want. If something I want is too expensive for me to afford, I do not buy it. Simple concept there!

Now consider the gobs of money the war is costing every day. Where will that money come from? Magic? Will the government win the international powerball lottery? Is Congress playing high stakes slots in Las Vegas?

No, the money comes from TAXES. One way or another, taxes will pay for everything. So why not start paying now? Why use the credit card and have to pay all those finance charges?

Saying "we have to raise taxes to pay for the war" is simply being honest. But nobody has said that yet. Republicans are just assuming that Democrats will say that. And democrats might say that. But once again - fiscal responsibility is not about creating massive debt. It is about a balanced budget right? Right now the budget is far from balanced. It is like a see-saw with a fat kid on one side and a box of air on the other side. So the solution is either to put rocks in the empty box (raise taxes) or put the fat kid on the running track (spend less). Seems like another simple concept that the republican party can not figure out.

Yes. This election season will be amusing. The propaganda will be thick. The slogans will get creative and possibly change by the hour. There will be massive hysteria on Fox News. The city of San Francisco will be used to scare people. They might even drag Key West into the fray. Any mention of Mark Foley will get you branded as a terrorist and tossed into secret jail.

And so on. One would think I will have a grand old time. Not so. I do not like to see crap like this happen. There should never be one party rule. I think it is GOOD to have the White House and Congress run by different people. Call me crazy, but this is just what I think. Putting all the eggs in one basket is never a very good idea.

The Emperor has no clothes. Will the voting population realize this? We will find out in just a few weeks.

There is one more thing I was going to type, but I can not remember what it is. So maybe if I just type stuff I will remember. Or, like an infinite number of monkeys with an infinite number of typewriters, I might randomly create what I was thinking about but then forgot. Or I might create "Macbeth". Or maybe "Hamlet"??? I always thought the name "Hamlet" sounded funny. What is that? Someone named a kid after a little ham and other people thought it was a good idea and copied it? It sounds more like something on the breakfast menu at Denny's than a proper name!

And I just remembered what else I was going to say! Stay the course. Lets say you are the skipper on a boat. You are heading "on course". For the most part, you stay on that course. UNLESS you check your charts and notice that you are heading right into a massive reef. At that point you change course to avoid hitting it. You do not say "we will stay the course" and run aground. A good skipper tries to AVOID running aground.

Good thing Bush is not the captain on a cruise ship. I would not want to be on that boat! I can picture it now. "Attention passengers, this is your captain speaking. You may notice that we are heading directly towards a lighthouse. Do not worry, we will stay the course! I demanded that the lighthouse move out of our way or face the consequences of it's actions!".


Blogger QUASAR9 said...

Hi lazy iguana, off topic from Saur's place. I hear ya.
Thanks for the reality check.
An insurance write off is an insurance write ... and if it were worth restoring or salvaging there are enough bandits to cannivalise it.

I was merely expressing a sentiment. The same with furniture restoration. Most furniture restoration projects are not economically viable propositions or businesses - I simply meant I'd be happy wasting my time restoring furniture (or boats) with nothing else to do - and no financial pressures (or deadlines) - you know a 'peter pan' like beach bum, who really doesn't have a care in the world, and is in no hurry to get anywhyere ... as in been there done that wore the T-shirt, but more than happy to do it all over again

Blogger Tan Lucy Pez said...

What you said!

Blogger The Lazy Iguana said...

What did I say? I forgot.


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