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Thursday, October 26, 2006

Getting Ugly

I love this time of year. The air gets cooler. The skies get clear. Humidity drops. Bugs that feed on blood go away.

And every other year, it is election time. That means ATTACK ADS! Yes, the TV and radio is full of 30 second attack ads. Who votes based on a 1/2 minute television ad anyway? I suspect that a lot do - or else not as much money would be spent this way. So what are most republican ads I have seen saying?

The same old crap. You know, vote republican or else your taxes will go up and we will all die because the terrorists love democrats and hate a safe America. National security and taxes. It is all they have.

But what they do not explain is that IF terrorists love democrats so much, why would there be any attacks if the democrats were in? I mean democrats and Osama are friends right? I do not go around blowing up the homes of my friends. Just saying.

And of course, there is the same old "lets use religion to shill for votes" crap. You would think that by now stem cells would be super duper safe. With W in office for 6 years, and a republican held (hostage) Congress for even longer - what has been done? What is the republican held government's excuse for not delivering what they promised to the evangelical vote block? They promised a culture of life, and they delivered a needless war. They promised to protect every fetus, but once that fetus is a child there is no health insurance for it. Services to the poor? Forget it! Screw the poor! Let them starve to death, or get a better job! My my how Christian! Jesus would approve.

So I am thinking that maybe this is starting to happen all over America.

And if it is not happening? Then one of two things is going on.

1. The people already figured out what is going on and stopped buying into the scam.


2. They do not care that religion is being used to justify making the rich richer and spreading war so that there are more opportunities for the rich to get richer.

It is that simple.

But so far my favorite thing said this election cycle was said just today. Or was it yesterday? I forget.

At any rate, am I the only one who found it funny that Rush accused Michael J. Fox of going off his medication and/or acting for that "support stem cell research" ad Fox was in?

After all - who would know better than Rush about going off medication. He seems to be an expert on getting on medication, so he should at least know something about what happens when people stop taking it. And acting! He knows about that too. He is fairly good at acting like he was never a pill popper himself.

Attacking someone with Parkinson Disease. And not attacking the message, but attacking the PERSON. Oh he is acting! He is fake shaking! He stopped taking his pills in order to shake more! Wow.

It truly is getting ugly. And with just over a week to go, and the republican party getting desperate because they feel a wind of change might be on the way - we can all look forward to more humor! See, ending on a positive note!


Blogger Tan Lucy Pez said...

Yes, the political ads are killing me. And the phone calls! I know how I'm voting (anti-Bush), but I keep getting all these damn phone calls!

Blogger Ed Abbey said...

I'm thinking of voting absentee and taking the next too weeks off to hide someplace without phones, televisions or radios. But you know, with a vacant predidential seat, I fear that it will be an exceptionally long and exceptionally dirty campaign for 2008.

Blogger Sar said...

Your Royal Laziness, do you watch Countdown with Kieth Olberman? If you don't, your snarky self would get a kick out of it. He did a bit about how the Republicans are doing the terrorists' work for them by airing their "The Stakes" ads which feature video clips of Bin Laden and other terrorist and explosions, etc.

And did you hear Bush yesterday say he's campaigning on 2 issues -- which party will keep the people safe and lower taxes. *yawn* Wake up people!

Blogger The Lazy Iguana said...

There is nothing new under the sun. Or in the skull of the President.

But all things shall pass. One day.

I just hope that when that day comes, a lesson is learned.


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