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Monday, October 23, 2006

On The Agenda For Today

Do not fret! No heavy stuff. I am thinking that my gun post may be tomorrow. I have been putting my views on guns together for some time now. But that is heavy stuff so none of it today!

So what is on the agenda today? I have to go downtown. I have to go up in the tall building and question the personnel department about stuff. Like "hey I worked for a year and a month. Do I get assistance obtaining another job or something?". Or something like that. I may have to consult with some sources before I go up the elevator.

In other news, I think I broke my truck. I wired in some aftermarket reverse lights. They provide me more light than the factory lights. I removed the factory lights so as to not put too much load on the reverse light wire.

So today when I was backing the boat under the tarp thing - something went POP and then started to beep. Oh well! There goes the fuse! That is what I thought.

But then I notice my engine temperature gauge does not work. Neither does my tachometer. And why is my odometer blank? Also the speedometer and air conditioning fan does not work. Oh yea - and the instrument dummy lights. All kaput.

The fuel gauge may or may not still be working. I have to drive around more and see if it drops. Obviously if the gauge does not drop then it is not working, and I will just have to guess when to put more gas in.

The headlights still work, the tail lights (running, brake, and turn signals) still work. The radio and clock still work. The dashboard back light works. In fact, everything seems to work EXCEPT for the stuff listed above that does not work.

So I have that crap to fix. But first I have to discover what the hell happened. I do not think the computer is fried, because the engine still runs. In fact, the engine seems to run better.

What worries me is the blank odometer. Something tells me that can not possibly be good.

My plan right now is to remove the crap I installed, fix up the wires so it looks like I never messed with them, then take the truck to the dealer and play dumb in an attempt to get a warranty diagnostic and/or repair. I do not know if that will work. If a computer component DID get fried it is going to be not-so-good.

Plan B is to use my GPS to tell how fast I am going, and how far I drive. I will just assume I am not overheating. I do not really need the tachometer. The dummy lights? Uhhh if they never light up that is good right?

But the non-functioning AC fan. THIS is a problem! That shit needs to get fixed and soon. Not only is the cold air gone - ALL THE AIR is gone. No vent. No heat. No AC. Nothing. It totally sucks ass to have to drive in the rain with a no AC car. I have done it. But now I do not even have a vent fan!!

I hope it turns out to be something simple and cheap to fix.


Blogger Fuzz said...

You might have only blown a fuze. But what do I know ? I still don't have my truck strightened out.

Blogger The Lazy Iguana said...

It was a blown fuse. It was a 10 amp blade fuse marked "guage". Everything works again.

When I rewire the backup lights, I will include a relay to prevent this from happening again.


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