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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Why We Need A Change

So I was sitting at a bar and someone said to me "Why do we need a change in congress?". Actually, I just made that up. I was not at a bar, and nobody said anything to me.

But whatever. This video is just too good to not post here. This clip contains Senator Ted Stevens (R) from Alaska explaining how the internet works. Ypu have to watch the whole video. The punch line is at the end. The first 4 minutes just sets up the joke - but without the setup you will not get the full effect of the joke.

Ted Stevens is the chair of the committee that is in charge of regulating things like the internet.

Scary stuff. Which brings me to the next topic! HALLOWEEN!

Today is Halloween. The evil holiday when kids dress up like goblins, devils, witches, and other monsters. Some grown-ups who still believe in goblins, wizards, witches, and other monsters are trying to take all the fun out of the event. As if allowing your kid to dress up like a scary witch will make them become a witch. As if there was such a thing as a magical potion or spell - or a flying broom! It really is laughable. Halloween is nothing more than fun for kids, and an excuse for adults to wear a toga and get drunk.

So for the rest of us who do NOT live in magical fairy land, where unicorns prance around and the Earth is only 6,000 years old - here is my advice.

Buy decent candy. You can buy cheap stuff, most people do, But you should buy a bag or two of some good stuff. Mini-Snickers or something like that. Maybe some Mini-Kit-Kat. Whatever.

When you hand out the candy, place some of the good stuff in each bag. You can mix it with cheaper stuff, but make certain that you do not just hand out cheap crap.

Houses that hand out cheap candy are far more likely to be the target of mysterious flying chicken eggs. You can reduce the odds of this happening with just ONE Mini-Snickers.

A good investment if you ask me.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

That video is truly funny.

About the adult party poopers: they're always about. Harry Potter books still face bans in some parts of this country. Hard to believe.

Blogger The Lazy Iguana said...

All I know is that if I could get a broom to fly, I would sell my vehicle. No question about it. Not only could I avoid the horrible traffic but I would spend $0 per week in gas.

So how exactly are Harry Potter books "bad"???

Blogger Ed Abbey said...

My understanding is that the new legislation only prevents U.S. banks from completing transactions with known online gambling sites. I imagine that soon, if not already, there will be a ton of offshore banks allowing people to set up online gaming accounts so that they can shove lots of poker chips through the internet tubes.


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