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Sunday, February 11, 2007

Boring Crap.

Today may be a boring day. I can feel it.

But I will find things to do. Like run the boat engine. I need to do that.

Speaking of the boat - The Miami Boat Show is here in a few days! I like the Miami Boat Show. It is HUGE. MASSIVE. I go mostly to look at stuff, all the newest things are there. But I also buy stuff. I get a lot of fishing stuff and little odds and ends there. I can get some stuff there cheaper than I can get it in a store. And I like looking at all the cool new crap. Like last year I got to see the way cool SIDE SCAN SONAR for recreational boats! Awesome.

After the running of the boat engine, there is a number of things I can do. I have this cool free pass thing that can get me into a bunch of places for free. So I can go to anyplace listed on the card. I may just do that.

And finally - Cleo news. She seems to have recovered from her fixing procedure, and is back to her old running all over the place self. I had to take down her Kitty Walk door climbing device thing cause she was not supposed to jump off things, but I put it back up. NOTE - do not buy the door climbing thing for your adult cat. Adult cats HATE the thing. At least mine did. I bought it for $20 from some web store - with the clear indication it was NON RETURNABLE. I think the thing had been sold and returned a bunch of times. Anyway, the original 4 cats hated it so I took it down and figured I just wasted $20 plus shipping. But when Cornelius vanished and Cleo the kitten showed up I put the thing back up. Cleo loves it. So I did not waste the $20. I guess.



Blogger Daisy said...

I am very happy that Cleo is good as new now (or, maybe she is BETTER than new now that she had had her ladygardenectomy). Have a happy boring day!

PS: thanks for the warning about the Kitty Walk.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

well, the climby door thing is a mystery to me, can you post a picture of it?

Blogger actonbell said...

Well, you never know what they're going to like. It's good to hear that Cleo's recovered nicely:)

My wasted money has been on different litter box arrangements. My cat stopped using her litter box, so--oh, this is just too boring to go on about.

Hope you find some good stuff at the boat show:)

Blogger Senor Caiman said...

The lazy,

I've been to the Miami Boat Show twice and it is the best.

I really need to invent a way to keep batteries charged during the winter months. My flats boat has 2 batteries which means I now have 2 almost dead batteries.

Blogger The Lazy Iguana said...

Caiman - get a marine battery charger. Hook it up to the batteries and plug the shit in. It keeps the batteries charged up.

Also - if you do not have sealed batteries - check the water level and add more distilled water if the cells are low. Use distilled water only!!

You can get a dual bank fully automatic marine charger for around $100 bucks at West Marine (or Boater's World or whatever).

Blogger Fuzz said...

I like boats, but there's not much place to float them arround here., at least not close. That is something I miss.

Blogger Victoria said...

Wow, I just realized that you linked me. Thanks! And I second badoozie-- what is this kitty door contraption?

Blogger Tan Lucy Pez said...

Well, the day was made less boring by my reading your post. I wanta see the kitty door contraption too.

Blogger Kristen said...

Pictures of climby thing, please.


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