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Saturday, March 01, 2008


I got marooned. On Watson Island.

Friday night is "hang out at the yacht club" night. Now do I have a yacht? Not really. What I have MIGHT be considered a "tender" on a yacht. Maybe. I have seen boats larger than mine on yacht davits.

But I know some members, and I go there weekly for stuff - so all is good. The people there pretty much think I am a member. So all is good.

But Friday night I got marooned. There was some horrible and very tragic accident on the causeway leading back to the mainland. I do not know what happened, other than there were several fatalities. Very sad.

So with west bound traffic blocked by the police, the only way to go was east. Towards Miami Beach.

In my case, this is the wrong way. I do not live on Miami Beach.

And all the traffic attempting to leave the beach was turned around. Added to the traffic trying to get to the beach, and then all this compressed to three lanes and then to some one and two lane surface streets with other beach traffic and red lights and shit - it was a total mess.

So I was stuck. It was either hang out at the club, or spend a few hours stuck in traffic.

Well I figure that by the time the bar closes, it will be OK to leave. WRONG! The kitchen staff who leave two or so hours before the bar closes came back. This is a bad sign.

My plan was to wait it out. After all, there was a marooned party going on. The bar remained open extra late. People were hanging out.

I ended up leaving up at 3 AM. The causeway was still closed westbound. But at this point the eastbound traffic was not backed up anymore, so it was not too bad getting off Watson Island.

The traffic accident must have been really bad. I am sure it will be in the papers today. People were killed. It is all very tragic and horrible. Makes you stop and think. what if I left the club early? Might I have been involved?

The answer there is yes. I might have been involved. But I did not leave early.

Really. It makes you stop and think.



Blogger Lily Strange said...

I'm glad you didn't leave early.
I've always pondered things like that and decided that it's a mixture of fate and dumb luck. Kind of taking the middle path, I suppose.
I gave you a shout-out here on my little-known Links Blog.
Which I created because I'm too lazy to have a link list on each of my blogs! I like to think of it as lazy but smart. Or maybe time saving.
Again, glad you were abandoned at the yacht club instead of leaving in time for the accident!

Blogger M@ said...

Actually, it makes you stop and drink.

Blogger The Lazy Iguana said...

Lily - Driving is dangerous. There is some amount of risk every time you get in a car. In this case, someone decided to run from the po-po. They sucked at running from the cops, and only a mile or so down the road they crashed into another vehicle. One of the people in the car that ran died, the other was hurt bad. The people in the cars that were not running were OK, although some were taken to the hospital for injuries.

M@ - actually, it did. The Yacht Club has a bar and food and free popcorn and stuff. Other members are trying to get me to upgrade my status at the club from "guest" to "member". But this costs money.


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