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Friday, February 22, 2008

Fun Fun Fun

I love fun. Fun!

So today I have to get an early start. I got things to do. Fun things.

First on the agenda is unhooking the boat from the truck. This involved raising the carport thing the boat lives under. The new top does not exactly fold down like the old top did. So the carport thing has to come up. Then the boat needs to be moved under it.

That should not take too long. I only need to raise the carport another foot or two.

And then after that, I have to continue my research project! This will involve going to the phantom building and asking for documents. And then off to the big tall building to ask for more documents. I have to uncover further proof to support what I already believe to be true.

And then I have to bundle it all up and seek out someone who can explain it all. As in why did event A happen when my research suggests that event A was in violation of the rules. I mean, rules are rules right? So why were they broken? Or were they broken at all? In either case, I just require an explanation as to the whole matter.

If event A was in violation of the rules, then I want to know how it will be corrected.

I suspect that event A was somehow in violation of the rules. This is based on what I have uncovered already. I think. I am not really an expert in such things. But a stronger indication is that a simple request I made asking for some stuff in writing was not honored. If there was no wrong doing, then why the stalling on the document I asked for? Why not just put it down on paper and send it to me?

Saturday will be more fun. Saturday is the 13th Annual Upper Keys Rotary Gigantic Nautical Flea Market at Founder's Park MM 87 Islamorada Florida Keys. I like this flea market. There is usually some good stuff here.

I am looking for an electronics box to mount under the new T-Top I just got. I have an electronics box now, but it is fiberglass and may be too heavy. The guy who made the top for me knows his stuff and said he would not mount that box on the top. So I want to look for a plastic one. I can sell the box I have now for more than I bought it for. It is brand new and was never mounted anywhere. It is worth at least $450. I got it for $180. So I can sell it for $250 or even $300. I also need one more reel for a conventional rod I have. It needs a reel. So I either need to buy another reel or sell the rod. I also need an all around white light for the boat that mounts on the T-Top. And of course, I am always looking for fishing gear. I get most of my gear at flea markets because there is a big savings involved.

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Blogger Lily Strange said...

If I was one to boat, a Gigantic Nautical Flea Market is just the kind of place you could find me!
I think I'll take you up on the offer of the memory chip, unless you've already bestowed it on someone else. I was nervous about the possibility of opening my delicate computer and messing around inside it, which is why I decided to let my technician dude do it for me for $50. He knows what the hell he's doing whereas I'd be like the proverbial bull in a china closet and end up computerless. I've never been real great at the hardware end of things.

Blogger The Lazy Iguana said...

Do you have a laptop? If so, what kind? The memory I have is only good for laptops. I have two 256 meg chips, for a total of 1/2 gig. If you have less than 512 megs memory AND your computer uses DDR2 memory then you can make use of the chips. If not then they will not do anything for you.

Blogger TLP said...

You do love to BUY, BUY, BUY! Don't have children. You might have a girl who would shop day and night.

Anonymous krok8 said...

The Lazy,

The boat looks great. I could never do that because some of my short-cuts through Island Estates have a very low clearance.

I'm surprised you haven't put a platform over the motor. I really like mine.

I may have asked you this before but is that easy to get on the trailer?

You do realize your boat numbers are showing.

Blogger Scarlet W. Blue said...

Parts of this post are too cryptic for moi. That research thing left me very confused.

Blogger The Lazy Iguana said...

TLP - Kids would interfere with the buying of stuff. Well not really. But I would have to buy kid / baby stuff as opposed to boat stuff. I do not think I can afford both, and in all fairness the boat was here first.

Krok - the top is only a few inches taller than I am. But the boat does demand more clearance now. I used to be able to lower the Bimini and duck behind the center console. No more. But even with the new top I can get under anything if the clearance is 6 1/2 feet. I know about the FL numbers, I was too lazy to obscure them. No big deal. I do not need a platform over the motor as I never go into the flats. The boat I have would make a crappy flats boat. The boat is very easy to get on and off the trailer. It drives right up on the bunks. I also have a dual speed wench that when put into low gear makes it easy to wench the boat on the trailer by hand.

Scarlet - research is important. But it also wears you down.

Anonymous krok34 said...

The Lazy,

You are a deep water man. I tell you I've grown to love mangrove fishing behind Caladesi. I put a picture of my platform on my blog.

I'm glad the trailer thing works. I think I'm just trailer challenged.

Blogger The Lazy Iguana said...

I can get into shallow water and the mangroves. If I have two feet of water then I have more than I need. I can trim the engine up and run slow. But I do not have a flats boat. While I can get in to the back waters, the boat is not really made for that. It is a bay boat / light offshore boat. I do not have any use for a poling platform.

Blogger Lily Strange said...

I have a Dell laptop, circa 2005. I'll have to look at it's specifics when I get home. My ex husband says he knows how to put chips and such in a laptop, which will save me $50. He only charges a six pack for such services.

Blogger Fuzz said...

Wench ?


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