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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

End Of An Error

My countdown timer was 13 hours ahead of the game (countdown reached 0 at 11 PM eastern time).

But Ill still take the 0.

I could have taken it years ago really.

So what do I expect out of all this? Not much really. Just that someone who knows about emergency management will be in charge of FEMA, scientists will be in charge of the FDA, someone who gives a shit about the environment will be in charge of the EPA, someone who is not a mine owner will be in charge of whoever regulates mine safety, someone NOT in the coal, oil, or mining industry will be in charge of the Department of the Interior, and so on.

I expect a cabinet that is NOT obsessed with only one world view. A view which can not be questioned or challenged.

I expect an administration that will NOT only look at "facts" that support what they want to think - while ignoring everything else.

And so on. You know - nothing big.

I will not be attending any parties or anything. There are a few going on - but I am not going. I have to go to the boat club for some training.

I am going to learn all about the navigation rules!! There are a lot of them. For example, what is the light pattern for a semi-submerged tow under 300 meters??

Don't know? I do not think I do either. I know that there has to be a yellow light somewhere. And the thing that is bring towed has at least one white light. Maybe more. Who knows.

You see, what I do when out on the water at night is AVOID things with lights. The more lights it has, the more I want to AVOID it. And if someone on the boat asks me "what is that" I just make something up. They don't know. So as long as I just say something like I know what I am talking about, they buy it.

So far that strategy has worked for me, but I suppose if I must learn then so be it. I have to take a test. And you can't bullshit the test. I actually ALMOST passed it the first time I took it - which was sort of amazing seeing as how I did not spend any time actually studying. So maybe you can bullshit the test?

Anyhow - no party. I might have a beer or three after the class however.

But if people do want to go to a party it is fine with me. There is a lot of talk about the money being spent on the events of today. Is it appropriate to spend the money given the current state of the economy?

I say yes. Yes it is.

It is a mere fraction of what Halliburton and Blackwater and KBR will make this month. But more importantly, today is important to many people. Record crowds are expected to be in the nations capitol today. So should they all be told to go home - we are not spending any money?

No - that would just not be right.

So if you are going to a party today - have fun! If you are going to be standing around somewhere in DC - enjoy the capitol. It is there for all Americans after all. Enjoy the day.

The real work begins tomorrow. And there will be a lot of work to do. This whole economy thing is NOT ust going to get better. It will not be that easy. More jobs will be lost. More homes will be foreclosed on. More investment money will be lost.

The new guy is taking over at a bad time. But I do not think the outgoing guy would be able to do anything about this.


Blogger Dusty said...

Hang on's gonna be a long hard climb out of the hole BushCo put us into.

Blogger M@ said...

You should call this "Rantings of the Liberal Iguana."


Blogger TLP said...

Man o man I was glad to see that dumb W fly outta town!

Blogger actonbell said...

I agree that things will surely get worse before they get better, but I'm so relieved that we have smarter people at the helm, now.

Blogger Lily Strange said...

Yeah, he really stepped in a mess. But I think that overall things will be better, even if only a bit and only slowly.


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