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Thursday, January 01, 2009

The New Year Is Here

I love time shifting. I did not think I would, but this is great. I can type now and post later. Like now for example.

Anyhow - the New Year will have just begun when this is posted. And I have no idea what I will be doing. Maybe something, maybe nothing - who knows.

But there will ALWAYS be days to go out and party. So what is the big deal about December 31 at midnight anyway?

I know. Tradition. Fun. Any excuse is a good excuse. Can't argue with those things!!

So I will not.

Anyhow - I hope everyone reading this had a decent time doing whatever it is you were doing.

But more importantly, I wish everyone the best in 2009. It may be a bumpy year. But I am hopeful that something positive is going on. Something big. Something that may just turn the way things are going now around. There is ground swelling going on. The hope of many millions of people. The majority of the millions. All this ground swelling needs is a spark. Just one little spark. Much like a pile of gunpowder.

And this is good. We could all use this.

So happy new years day to you all. May 2009 bring only the best for you and yours.

If you are reading this hung over - you are not really starting off too well. But if this is the case look at it this way. For you, it is a given that tomorrow will be better. See!!! Improvement already!!


Blogger Lily Strange said...

Hell, I should hope it won't be as bumpy as 2008. For some reason that was a rough year for a lot of people.


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