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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Feeling Better Now

I feel slightly better today than I did the other day. But I still see a lot of cars with Dolphins flags.


You are not part of the team. No matter how orange you paint your face. You will NOT get anything if they win. You do not get a ring. You do not get a trophy. You do not get any money. You get NOTHING. Got it? Nothing. The players do not give a crap about you. Well they give a crap about you as far as them getting paid goes. But other than that they do not care at all about you. You are not invited to their parties. You are not going to hang out with them unless they are forced to hang out because you won some sort of contest. And even then, they will be paid for it. They will gladly play for that team you hate IF that other team pays them more.

Yea I know - that is harsh. But the truth is harsh sometimes. That is just how it is.

I really hope the local team does not make it to the stupid bowl. And if they do - I hope they lose.

Why? Simple. If they win then idiots will go crazy. I will not be able to move in this shit hole because the standard way to celebrate and protest here is to DRIVE AROUND REALLY SLOW. Yup. If you are happy about something, or pissed about something, you get in your car - find a major road, then drive down it really slowly. Honking your horn. IF you can write then you scrawl some stupid message on the car windows so you can not see into any of your mirrors.

And then there are the "victory parades". Which the TAX PAYERS pay for. Why is this? The people on the team are rich. They get paid more in a few years than you are likely to make in your lifetime - and all they do is play with balls. But you get to pay for their "victory parade".

As if they accomplished something of major importance. As if they are returning from a world war, and there is peace again.

All at tax payer expense. Teachers can not get a raise because there is no money, but if the Dolphins win there will be plenty of money for a parade.

Anyhow - I found a NEW ONLINE GAME!!!!! Yes a new online game. You may find it dull, but the great thing is that it does not take much time to play each day.

Not many people know this but right now there is a sailboat race around the world. And you can play along. If you want.

What you do is set your course, choose your sail configuration, and that is pretty much it. There are wind charts and a wind forecast for +12 hours, +24 hours, and +36 hours. So if you log in to the game once or twice a day, you can play. It only takes a few minutes each time you log in to alter the course (if you need to) or change the sail configuration (if you have to). Less than 5 minutes.

Catch me if you can. My race boat is named Cat-A-Tonic.


Blogger M@ said...

There's something ineffable and powerful about football that it can bring Confederates and Coloreds together down south, though.

Yes, imagine a stadium full of people concerned about health care. This is our moment, our time....

Blogger The Lazy Iguana said...

Good point M@. but how many of those people there for "out moment, our time" will give a shit after Jan 20??

I am not holding my breath.

Blogger Lily Strange said...

I've never painted my face except to look like a zombie or vampire (and in one case a zombie prom queen) for Halloween. But I think my face was a horrible shade of green this past Sunday. I had some sort of horrible stomach virus.


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