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Friday, February 20, 2009

Action Packed Days

WOW! How time flies.

When last you heard, I had broken down and obtained a new thing that floats. A Waverunner to be exact.

I have since sourced a trailer for it. Someone I know has one for $100. And it even comes with a 2 inch coupler! This is a big deal, my towing ball is 2 inches. So to make things easier, I like to keep 2 inch couplers on everything.

The sourced trailer has no registration, so Ill have to to the registration dance. This involves threatening to kick the ass of the flunkie who works at the tag agency if they do not give you a license plate.

NOTE - before you do this make sure you are NOT in a County tax collectors office. These offices are usually in the court house. You become some sort of big time criminal if you utter the words "Ill kick your ass" in a court house or on a county office - unless you are uttering those words to tell the judge what you heard someone else say.

But in the non-county private agencies - you can threaten anyone you want. The cops do not care as much. Everyone hates the tag agency, and everyone who walks into one has violent thoughts.

And now for some really exciting things!!

Today, I get to paint some walls. Yea - real exciting. But there is more! I get to use drywall mud to fill in some holes and shit too.

Saturday is the marine flea market in the Keys. Always good time. I am not really looking for anything in particular. But this flea market is fun because they have a beer golf cart. Is the beer stand too far away? No problem! Just flag down the beer cart! And one year there was someone raffling off a wheelbarrow full of booze! There were 12 or 15 bottles in the thing. The raffle was for charity.

Only in the Keys! There is a reason why people like to go to the Florida Keys.

Sunday I am going to assist with a regatta. It is a good enough excuse to get the boat wet. I will help set up the race course, and also act as an observer. I do not know what I am supposed to observe however.

Monday I get to go to some manatee thing. A biologist from Florida Fish and Wildlife is going to give a training session to various members of government agencies on manatee rescue. The morning is going to be the classroom stuff. The afternoon is going to be a practical mock manatee rescue - using a real live volunteer manatee.

And then Ill know how to rescue a manatee. Which may be useful. If I ever find a manatee in distress. I assume they send up signal flares or something.


Blogger The Doozie said...

2 inch balls? I don't know if I'd be announcing that...?

Blogger The Lazy Iguana said...

Made of solid steel.

I am going to cross the Gulf Stream on the jet ski. Miami to Bimini. Just watch!


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