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Thursday, February 05, 2009

WARNING!! It Might Freeze

That is right - I am under a freeze warning. Till the sun rises. It could freeze outside at any moment. Maybe even............NOW!

Actually - freeze warnings happen every winter. But the temperatures really only get low if you are inland. If you are close to the bay the water raises the air temperature a bit. I would imagine that in the everglades it is pretty cold right now.

I am about 1/2 way between the bay and the swamp by the way.

With the wind chill effect, it is supposed to feel like it is in the 20s. Below freezing.

Now this is not really so bad. The freeze in the swamp will kill the flying insects. Mostly the ones that bite humans. I hate those bugs. I will be able to venture into the swamps with the telescope. This is always fun. As long as there are not any bugs. Which there should not be. I hope.

7 days till the Miami International Boat Show begins. I have no life so Ill go to it. Maybe for three days. See the whole show. Take it all in.

But then again I can not afford to buy anything so what the fuck is the point??


Blogger Fuzz said...

It's 14 F here as I write this.

Blogger M@ said...

I love going to shows that have nothing to do w/ me. As a writer, I've gone to medical conferences, science expositions, military shows, etc.

I enjoy standing and milling around. But most of all, I enjoy looking at things.

Blogger The Lazy Iguana said...

Fuzz - if it ever got that cold here people would not know what to do.

M@ - Shows are fun. I like looking at stuff too. And there is a lot of stuff at the boat show to look at. There are boats, engines, new electronics, cool demos, that guy selling the magical cookware, three or four guys selling super absorb-it towels, and so on. I will end up getting something. I usually do.


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