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Monday, February 16, 2009

MIBS Wrap Up

Well another Miami International Boat Show is over.

At least for me. Monday the show is still going on, but I bet that traffic is going to be slow. If anyone shows up it will be amazing.

Friday I was at the powerboat section. Foot traffic on the docks was slow. I did hitch a ride on three boats. The Aspen 26, a World Cat 27, and a Freeman 33.

The Aspen is neat. It is a power cat with a single diesel inboard 110 hp engine. It is slow, but it gets 6 miles per gallon at cruising speed. They let me drive it. It tracks straight even with the single engine pushing only from the starboard hull. Great ride. Very smooth and dry.

The World Cat 27 is more my speed. It is faster than the Aspen, but it will also use more fuel. The ride is also really nice for a 27 footer.

The Freeman 33 was the king of the show. 60 mph with twin 350 hp outboards. Smooth dry ride - even at 50 mph going through boat wake. A monster of a boat for a serious hardcore fisherman or charter captain. Unbeatable in its class.

The rides were fun, but I am not looking to buy. Ill just have to live with what I have.

Saturday was the convention center. An all day affair. Lots of walking. Saw some cool shit. I picked up a few odds and ends. You always find cool shit at the convention center.

Sunday was the sailboat portion. I like the sailboat portion. You see different things. This beast was there.

This is the sailing yacht King's Ransom. King's Ransom is a 76 foot mega sailing cat with a close to 40 foot beam. It would be rock stable at sea with that kind of beam. It is a charter boat, for a mere $56,000 PER WEEK you can charter this beauty. You can split the cost with 8 of your best friends if you want.

But what is more my speed was a much smaller sailing cat. Only 35 feet with a 14 foot beam. For only $150,000 I could get one. I would then have to live on it, as that would be the only way to come close to justifying spending that kind of cash on anything.

Overall, foot traffic at the show was down. Way down. But this was to be expected. The question is who was staying away? People who just look at things, or buyers? Personally I think it was a mix of the two. Buyers were still there. Maybe not as many, but there were still sales.

So now - back to normal life. No more shows. No more free rides on boats I can not afford to buy. No more looking at floating studio apartments I can not afford to buy. Oh well - it was fun while it lasted!


Blogger Dusty said...

To dream eh Lazy? ;P

Blogger The Lazy Iguana said...

King's Ransom was one hell of a yacht. It has more floor space than many apartments. The back porch was amazing.

Blogger The Doozie said...

It seems like you have an international boat show about every 3 months? Am I wrong..? huh?????



Blogger The Lazy Iguana said...

Doozie - there is but one Miami International Boat Show. But there are other shows. Here is the breakdown.

February, MIBS and the Key Largo marine flea market

March - Daina Beach marine flea market.

June - Miami Summer Boat show

October/November - Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show.

Blogger Lily Strange said...

$56,000? Pocket change! I'll be right there!
Oh wait...I thought that was 56,000 Quatloos. That translates to just $56. Oh well...

Anonymous Anonymous said...

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