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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Awards Shows Are Retarded

So the Academy Awards were doled out Sunday night.

Everyone can tell you who the best actor and best picture is.

QUICK!! Who won the Nobel Prize for physics last year? Chemistry? Anything? One Nobel Prize winner??

And THAT is why this world is so messed up. The important stuff nobody cares about. The bullshit is what everyone wants to see.

I did not watch a second of that massive waste of time and energy. If I am not up to win an award, then I could care less about going to a ceremony.

The only exception of course would be if someone else I cared about was up for an award. Like a child or family member or good close friend.

But some asshole who would not give me a quarter to make a phone call from jail? I hope their limo gets a flat and they are so late to the show that it is over when they get there.


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