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Tuesday, June 30, 2009


The area circled in yellow below fell apart - as I expected. But it is still a lot of rain. It still has the potential to fuck up the weekend.

The County, and various cities, are also canceling some fireworks shows in order to save money. Well here is an idea to save a BUNCH of money!!!

1. Cut the "discretionary" spending accounts that each County Commissioner gets by 2/3. They get enough graft to more than make up for that cut anyway.

2. Cut the unpublished perks that the commissioners get - like cops (with fancy titles like Sargent At Arms) to drive them around, the $900 a month car allowance, and so on. Also - why do they get free health insurance (paid for by the County) for life after one or two terms, while employees who work for 15 years get diddly shit if they should get reduced? At least the employee was (presumably) doing something productive - as opposed to fucking the system up even worse.

3. Bye bye Marlins. It has been nice knowing you (not really) but we just can not afford that $100 million stadium payment. Sorry you have to move to Dead Horse Alaska - but they need baseball up there you know. Bring warm clothes.

4. STOP PAYING CONSULTANTS! Millions have gone to various "consultants" - and what have the results been? How about that roof at the airport! Not a single leak right? NO?!!? Well hell. What about the money pissed away on consultants? Did they not notice that it rains indoors?

People that CAN NOT manage, CAN NOT do the job, and have NO skills are called "consultants". If they really knew what the fuck they were talking about they would be managers. But they are not. Because they could not manage to find their way out of a wet paper sack. So quit paying them.

Or just pay me to be a "consultant" on the consultants. Ill tell you that you wasted your money for the low low fee of only $1 million - which by the way after you give it to me Ill laugh and say that the $1 million was also wasted. My firm is called "Honest Sam Consultants". My slogan is "pay us and we will tell you how badly you just fucked up".

5. What the hell is up with all these "decorative" road paving projects? Really City of South Miami - was it necessary to tear up Sunset Drive for months so you could have fancy brick work in front of the hovel you pass off as City Hall? How much money did that piss away? Probably a lot, because the Mayor's brother also happens to sell decorative bricks, and the City Manager's sisters husband happens to operate a road paving business. And the consultant (your retarded uncle Fred) did a survey and found that 80% of respondents favored the project. Of course the only ones polled were people in the Mayor's office - but hey! That was worth a cool 1/4 million right?

I am sure I can come up with more things you could do to "save money" that does not involve screwing with fireworks displays. And really - how much are you "saving" here? A million? chump change and you clowns know it. It is just something very public that everyone will notice you doing - so that later on you can say "we tried to save money" when election time is up.

Fucking bullshit.


Blogger Fuzz said...

"Decorative" road paving projects even sounds expensive. But that's the important stuff, right?

Blogger Dusty said...

Priorities..the governments never have them do they?


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