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Tuesday, July 28, 2009


I arrived back in Miami on Friday. Just in case anyone was wondering.

I have more photos that I need to post, but I am fairly lazy and have not done so yet.

I also have a significant amount of work to do. For one, the Waverunner needs to be put away. The engine was flushed after the last ride, and the engine was also hosed off. When I got it home I jacked the trailer tongue WAY up and rinsed it off very well - including the engine and bilge again. I also removed all the crap from the storage compartment and rinsed that out.

The fire extinguisher got broken somehow.

I still need to wash it down with soap, dry it, wax it, put all the crap back into the storage compartment (assuming it is dry), then put the cover back on. Oh yea - and spray the engine down with Corrosion Block. I forgot to mention that part.

The boat also needs to be washed down. I really need to do a deep cleaning on that thing. The hull at and below the waterline has a yellow tinge to it. So that means I need more strong acid based cleaner. I love working with that stuff.

But that is just how it is.


Blogger Fuzz said...

It's back to reality, now comes the work.

Blogger Lily Strange said...

Had you heard about this? They're auctioning a $30 million house in Fort Lauderdale. I probably couldn't even afford to pay the taxes on it!

Blogger Fuzz said...

You still livin'?


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