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Monday, July 20, 2009

I Have Too Much Blood In My Alcohol System

Or something like that.

Sunday was WAVERUNNER DAY here on Sanibel Island.

Now some of you may be wondering why I stay in Florida. I sure do bitch about this place a whole lot after all. Why do I stay? Got me.

OH YEA! I remember now. By the way, the above photo was taken in the "surf zone" of the beach. I was anchored on the first sandbar, in really super shallow water. Notice the lack of waves. It was FLAT calm out today.

Perfect Waverunner conditions. It could not have been much better. Wide open throttle (WOT) gets me to around 50 mph. Slower if there are are waves. 55 mph is supposed to be top speed but the speedometer does not read a steady speed much above 50 mph. I tend to cruise at around 40 or so.

It is a wild ride.

For lunch I met up with my parents, who were on the boat. Lunch was at a place called "The Waterfront" on Pine Island.

On the agenda for Monday is a run to Cayo Costa State Park. This state park is accessible only by boat. Or Waverunner. Since you can not drive there, the beaches are less crowded. Not like the beaches on Sanibel are crowded or anything - but there are less people at the State Park. I can usually find cool shells.

Then Ill make a trek to Cabbage Key. What the hell.


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