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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Unlicensed Song Thursday

Enjoy the unlicensed song! Also if you are some sort of lawyer please note I am NOT hosting the song. I simply embedded it from You Tube, where someone else uploaded it.

So no nasty threatening letters please.

I kind of like it.

In other news, I went to see a movie. Ponyo. This is a cute really nice date movie. The movie was released in the US by Disney, but was originally made in Japan. The animation is all in the Japanese style. I enjoyed it.

Ponyo is only playing at select AMC theaters, and apparently has a $0 advertising budget. This is odd considering it is a Disney release. Disney is really good at marketing and promotion - and they really like to make money. But this movie is not really being pushed much.

But like I said this one is a good date movie. A classic tale. Goldfish meets boy, boy and goldfish fall in love, some nutty stuff happens, and nobody gets turned into sushi.


Blogger Lily Strange said...

I believe a size 3 would fit one of my legs.


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