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Monday, August 17, 2009

Tropics Heating Up!

It seems I stopped paying attention to the news and the Tropical Prediction Center website, and THREE things managed to sneak up on me.

1. Tropical Depression Ana.

Not going to be a big deal. The forecast track drags it over Hispaniola no matter what. Pretty much, There are some decent size mountains that rip storms a new one if they pass over them. And then there is not much time over open water till it could get very close to Cuba.

And even if it stays off Cuba, conditions are not supposed to be too favorable for storm development. Added to this is the storms rather rapid movement. The rapid movement indicates wind sheer and stuff.

So pretty much for South Florida Ana looks like just some rain. Might get some wind too. But nothing too terrible. It looks like it will either be a tropical low pressure area (rain storm) or possibly a tropical depression (rain storm with some wind).

2. Tropical Storm Bill.

This one will be a hurricane soon. Hell it may be now, I have not checked the most recent update.

Bill will remain at sea for a while. There, in the warm waters, conditions are more favorable for storm building. If it is not a hurricane as I type this - it will be soon. By the middle of this week it could even be up to a cat 3, maybe 4. A fairly strong storm.

But it looks like it will remain at sea - a threat to nothing other than ships. And ships at sea can get the F out of the way.

3. Tropical Storm Claudette. This one popped up out of nowhere, and hit the FL panhandle. And it is probably a good thing it just popped up out of nowhere. Sort of.

On one hand, this is bad because people have little time to prepare. If you boat is at a marina - you better get there quickly and do something about it. If you live in an area prone to flooding - better get ready fast. So that is not really good.

But here is what is good. There is no time for the storm to get any worse. The Gulf waters are bath tub warm. If this storm had more time, it could very well have hit as a hurricane.

I really ought to pay more attention to this stuff.


Blogger TLP said...

I just stopped by for the weather report.

Batten down the hatches boy.

Blogger Lily Strange said...

I'm trying to imagine the pleasurable feeling of swimming in a bathtub-warm ocean. But it sounds like such a thing has its problems, such as acting as a hurricane magnet. That may be a super duper uber retarded thing to say, but me, I don't know much about weather--so I'll use that as an excuse.


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