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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Things I Will NOT Do

Twitter. Or Tweet. Or whatever the hell the act of posting a minute by minute account of your entire day on Twitter is called.

I will not do it.

It really amazes me what people will post on that site. They will even use their real photo! A really bad idea.

Really. If you are a hot chick, this is a BAD idea. You are aware there are these things called "stalkers" out there right? And if you say "I am at the bar on 5th and Main" guess what a stalker can do?

Plus, my life is really not that interesting. Here would be a typical Twitter day for me.

I am awake.
I am taking my morning dump
I am taking a shower
I am driving to work.
I am at work
I am on break at work
I am leaving work
I am home
I am taking my after work dump

Wow! A really exciting day there huh? I am sure millions of people worldwide care.

But aside from that, I just do not care to post constant updates. I fail to see the point. Now maybe I am missing the point - this is possible. Maybe you think Twitter is great. If so then it is great - for you.

But it is not for me.

What cracks me up the most are the obvious attempts by some to use Twitter to make themselves seem cool, hip, or "in touch". Please - stop this attempt. Nobody is buying it. You look like a clown. So if you are some old fuddy-duddy Congress Critter, just stop it. Tell the staffer that convinced you this was a good idea to come up with another idea. You are not appearing any more "in touch" or "hip" or "cool".

But there is at least one good use for Twitter. I know this girl who has stalker problems. I suggested to her that she sign up for Twitter, and somehow let the stalker(s) know this. Then when she wants to go to club A she can Twitter that she is going to bar X somewhere far away from club A.

Brilliant huh? I thought so!


Blogger Lily Strange said...

I tried it but there's only so much you can do in 140 characters. I only use it to post affiliate links. So far it hasn't done that much for me. I find Crackbook to be far more useful if a time waster in its own right.
I should post this important update on Twitter.
"threw out moldy Havarti so wouldn't contaminate rest of cheese."
Now that's important news!

Blogger Daisy said...

I have to admit to having a Twitter account (we use TweetDeck). There is one really cool feature: the Search function. So if, say, you are having trouble with Blogger, you can do a search for that term and find out what everyone else is saying instantly.

Blogger actonbell said...

Oh, man, I've already been lured onto facebook, and that's just all the timewasting I can cope with. There are so many more interesting things to be reading out there! And, as you say, no one wants to hear about anyone's morning dump or drive home. Nobody.


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