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Thursday, August 04, 2005

Bush On Science.

This is just too good to ignore.

Bush has gone on record as saying schools should give the "Intelligent Design" theory equal time to other theories. He also couragously stood up for yet another baseball player suspended for using roids, and claimed he did not know how his Supreme Court nominee would rule on anything. The article is HERE.

Come on Mr. President - sucking up to roid junkie baseball players? I thought illegal drugs were bad or something? I am so glad I do not have kids. How do you set a good example for them? When you tell kids the importance of good grades, they VERY QUICKLY point out that the Preident never got good grades. And athletes on illegal drugs never go to jail, and get to keep all their millions of dollars. And if you are loyal to your Godfather (this is for you Karl Rove), you can break the law and compromise national security and nothing happens to you.

But all this is not the main point. This "equal time" crap is.

The National Academy Of Science has concluded there is no scientific basis in intelligent design. They go one step further by saying that the claim of equity reflects a basic misunderstanding of what science is.

It is very simple. Science is NOT the act of making up a theory and calling it scientific. Science is based on testable methods. You come up with a theory, then design ways to test that theory.

Creationism, which intelligent design is, deals with SUPERNATURAL forces. The prefix "super" means above or beyond - but science begins and ends with the NATURAL world. Anything above or beyond the natural world is outside the realm of real science. Nothing supernatural is testable with scientific methods, so therefore NONE OF IT BELONGS IN A SCIENCE BOOK.

But the fanatical christian movement hates science, and the natural world. They choose to ignore all of it. They will claim that caveman bones belong to apes with arthritis, or that dinosaur bones belong to elephnats or whales. MODERN whales and elephnats mind you. And those other bones that get dug up that can not possibly be modern animals? Satan put them here to confuse you.

And why stop with the Jewish / Christian account of creation? Should science books also include the Greek / Roman account of creation? Or the Native American version of the story? Or how about the Norse version? Of course not! All ancient accounts that are not from the bible are myths! We all know that!

As a former science teacher, this is all VERY disturbing. Kids already have a hard enough time with the subject, without inserting political BS into it. Giving mythology (I apply the word mythology to all ancient stories, regardless of the book they happened to come from) equal standing to science is simply the wrong thing to do.

I agree with the Academy. It reflects a basic misunderstanding of what science really is. It is an attack on the subject by people who do not really understand what science is. Science is NOT out to simply disprove the bible, science is only interested in explaining what can be observed using testable methods. But religion IS out to destroy science. The only crime science committed was to dare to set the bible aside, and search for other answers using logical, reasonable, and testable methods.

And Mr. Bush, feeling the need to suck up to the exangelical right, wants to help them in their quest. I doubt that the president knows very much about science. He could not even define the word. And if you want to test my theory, I give you the link at the top of this post. Bush's own words.


Blogger GodlessMom said...

Yep, I gotta agree.

Blogger Tan Lucy Pez said...

I agree that if we are to teach the Christian creation myth, then we have to teach as many other creation myths as possible. "Creation Myths" would have to be an entire subject to itself.

I was raised as a Christian, so of course that creation myth sounds normal to my ears. But we raised our kids as Unitarians, and they were barely exposed to it. So when Aral 3P really heard and paid attention to the Adam and Eve story, she called me and said, "Hey, our creation myth is so bizarre!" She was in Italy at the time. LOL

Blogger BarbaraFromCalifornia said...

Agree 100 percent.

I wonder if the madness will ever stop. I have an idea, but will have to email you to tell you!

Blogger BarbaraFromCalifornia said...

I emailed you my solution.

Blogger AP3 said...

You're right on, Lazy Iguana.


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