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Thursday, November 02, 2006

It Keeps Getting Better!

So maybe you have been exposed to just a little tiny taste of politics, South Florida style. It is great. In Miami-Dade County, just about anything can happen. Citizens can pelt Miami City Hall with bananas while the police watch. Mayors can pelt their wife with teapots. Commissioners can be busted in crack houses and with prostitutes, then skip off to Australia to avoid jail time. Mayors can be found guilty in federal court of accepting $1 million for selling votes in zoning issues, then be re-elected (but there could be more to this story, who knows).

And so on. There is never a dull moment here.

So the latest political no-no involves one Republican congressgoon Arza. This genius called the superintendent of Miami-Dade County Public Schools a nigger. Dr. Rudy Crew, being a decent guy and above all this 1940s crap, just considered the source and declined to get involved. I call that tactic "taking the high road" or "staying above the bullshit". Anyone who uses that word to describe another human being is nothing more than a big festering pile of Bill O'Reilly that the neighbors dog leaves in my yard so I have to wash it down into the lawn using the garden hose.

But someone else ratted Arza out. So what did he do? He called the rat (also in the Republican party) and left threats on his cell phone. Then Arza's cousin called and left more threats. You know, stuff like "I am going to F___ you up bitch", and other highbrow stuff like that.

So the guy called police and released the recorded voice mail messages to the media. It is all over national news.

Azra blamed alcohol. As if it was alcohol's fault he is a bigot. I mean, I drink. Sometimes I get drunk. You have never seen me on national TV using racial slurs against anyone. I do not call people and leave "I am going to kick your ass" messages on voice mail. So he gets on the TV and does the whole "Im sorry" bit and "I was drunk" and so on. I am not buying it. And it seems nobody else is either, because.........

Today Arza resigned. His name is still on the ballot, as it is too late to have to removed. It is HIGHLY UNLIKELY that any other Republican will be able to hold onto his seat. People will have to vote for Mr. Racist McLynch Pants, or the other guy.

Bum bum bum...another one bites the dust! Sing along everyone! And another one gone and another one gone, another one bites the dust! Hey, were gonna get you too (Kathrine Harris), another one bites the dust...

That is IF the electronic machines are not pre-rigged. But now that reports are out that a company from Venezuela might own some stock in the electronic voting machine company, you know what that means! Hugo Chavez will be the next Governor Of Florida!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Im usprised you dont drag your politicians out into the street and execute them. Seems like once any political party has been in power long enough they become corrupt and so it is with the republicans. But why is there no violence? Im just curious.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ill get the tar and feathers.

Blogger The Lazy Iguana said...

Because people do not care. Americans know who is playing in the NBA Finals, who won the World Series, who was the last person kicked off of "Dancing With The Stars", and so on.

But they are ignorant of everything else. So the people holding office get away with all this stuff. Nobody cares.

Blogger Tan Lucy Pez said...

Actually most Americans don't even remember who won the World Series last year, and are on their way to forgetting who won THIS year.

We have far too many politicians. And the minute they get elected, all they care about is getting re-elected.


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