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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Requiem For Kathrene Harris And The GOP

So what the hell is a requiem? Why, it is FUNERAL MASS! Don't you know your Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart? By the way, Mozart wrote today's theme song!

Now onto today's business. Farewell to Kathrene Harris. Mrs. Harris, in 2000 you were the most loved person on Earth. You were the one to certify the Florida vote. And you could not certify it fast enough!

You were loved by the Republican party. You helped give the election to George Bush. And as a reward, you were allowed to run for the US House.

But what happened then? When you ran for the Senate, the Republican party would not support you. Nobody would campaign for you. Even your buddy Jeb Bush cut you loose.

And when George Bush came to Florida to campaign for Charlie Christ, and Christ failed to show up, you were not allowed in the building. Even when you tried to latch onto an unpopular president, you were not allowed to do so.

So, how do you feel now? You lost by a large margin. You are nothing now. I would say we miss you, but that would be a lie. NOBODY misses you Kathrene Harris. So here is the message to you Mrs. Harris - don't let the door hit you in the ass on your way out. We do not want ass prints on our new door. You lost. Please go away. The further the better.

How does it feel? How does it feel to be a tool? How does it feel to be used, and then abandoned? Not so good huh? Well, you deserve it. So now please just crawl away.

In other news, the verdict is in. Democrats took back the House. It looks like the Democrats also have a Senate majority by one seat. There are only 2 seats still up for grabs now, and it will be close. There will be recounts - but this time the recounts will be requested by Republicans.

I look forward to piles of crap with "no spin zones" on Fox News claim how the Republicans asking for recounts are not sore losers.

AND THIS JUST IN!!! The Senate seat in Missouri is Democrat! The Republican incumbent lost, by 1 percentage point. The Senate is now dead even! And in the remaining two seats, Democrats are leading - by narrow margins. It looks like Montana will also go Democrat, as will Virginia. So the Democrats could take the Senate.

Better late than never. George Bush - time to come up with new catch phrases. You are going to have to actually show up to work - for the first time in your life. No more "vote the way I want you to, because I am the President" bullshit. You will now have to come up with something of REAL substance. Good luck with that.

And Democrats - I hope you learned a lesson here. Do not allow the party to go too far to the left. Stay in the center. Choose your leaders with GREAT CARE. The choices Democrats make in the next few days will determine how long this trend lasts. The people want change. POSITIVE change.

The nation is still divided along party lines. Remember this. Democrats have to use their new power carefully. It is OK to hold the Executive Branch accountable for the actions it takes, but there should not be any witch hunts.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good advice from the wise lizard.

Does Kathrene Harris still wear those tarantula-like eyelashes? That was just scary, and a clear sign of extreme near-sightedness.

btw, Santorum's concession speech was mostly pretty arrogant, basically talking about all that he accomplished and implying that Pennsylvanians were wrong in letting him go. He did thank his supporters nicely, though, and evidently made a private call to Bob Casey that was very gracious. Not that Casey would say anthing different!

And, as much as I would love to see Bush impeached, and as much as he deserves it, it may very well backfire--we don't want impeachment proceeding every time power shifts, either.

Blogger Ed Abbey said...

Since it is looking like the Dems are taking both houses, I sure hope the pass some useful legislation that can make Bush look bad for vetoing inbetween the impeachment hearings, investigations, etc.

Blogger Tan Lucy Pez said...

Good post, as usual.

Santorum is gone, but unfortunately not forgotten. Did you know that Santorum is Latin for asshole? That jerk.

Blogger The Lazy Iguana said...

I did not know that TLP. What is Rove latin for?

Blogger GodlessMom said...

Great post and so true. I want justice, I want change but I don't want a repeat of the bullshit we had to endure during the Clinton/Lewinsky thing. Congratulations on getting rid of Harris, here in Houston we filled Tom DeLay's vacant seat with a resonable and moral guy, Nick Lampson. Unfortunately we still have a wanker for a governor.

Blogger The Lazy Iguana said...

Glad to see you back godlessmom!


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