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Thursday, November 23, 2006

Thanksgiving Fun!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! If you are reading this from outside the USA, then allow me to explain. Thanksgiving is a National Holiday upon which we are all supposed to give thanks for the stuff we have. Originally the holiday was created by Puritan Pilgrims from England, to thank the Natives who showed them how to farm stuff and not starve to death. The Puritans were so grateful to the Natives that they were invited to a massive chow down of epic and legendary proportions. Then the next day, the ethnic cleansing resumed. Seriously, the Natives were shafted in a BIG way. But it is OK now because they are allowed to have casinos - as long as the casinos are NOT in Las Vegas or Atlantic City. See how everything worked out?

So for the first item of today, we will play a little game! I call it "spot the turkey". If you think you can see the turkey in the photo below, leave a comment!

HA! Got you! This is a trick photo! There are actually multiple turkeys here! See how much fun this Thanksgiving Fun post is turning out to be?

Now there is another think I thought of just today. It has to do with the racist tirade from that guy who played "Kramer" on that TV show. Al Sharpton was on some cable news channel, giving his feelings about the whole thing. And they did one of those "in depth" reports that usually turn out to be useless - only there to fill air time. Anyhow they showed Bush talking to the NAACP about race relations. When Bush said "I know that African-Americans distrust my party" the crowd erupted in cheers and applause. Bush just kind of stood there with his usual facial expression. You know, the "uhhh...what do I say now?" one.

Then it hit me! WELL DUH! ALL the turkeys Bush pardoned were what color? WHITE! Come to think of it, all the turkeys pardoned (that I can remember) have been white. Now why is this? How about throwing in a token pardon for this guy?

But no. At least not this year. But if you ask me, the bird above looks more like what a turkey is supposed to look like than the pale, overgrown chicken looking thing in the first photo. HA! Got you again! When I said "pale, overgrown chicken looking thing" which thing was I talking about? Who knows. It shall remain a mystery.

And for the final touch for today's fun post, another photo of a pardoned turkey. This photo was taken AFTER the press had gone home for the day, but one of my vast network of spies was still there. With a special camera that captures word bubbles. Remember how Rumsfeld was fired? Well say hello to the NEXT Secretary Of Defense!

This is just too easy. The fun could continue for days!

To all my USA readers - Happy Thanksgiving! For those outside the USA - Happy November 23! Or maybe November 24, depending on which side of the International Date Line you are on.
The important thing is not what day it is, just that YOU have a great day. And don't forget to rush out to the malls tomorrow and buy stuff! It is your consumer duty!


Blogger O Ceallaigh said...

When Bush said "I know that African-Americans distrust my party" the crowd erupted in cheers and applause.

How many of those Americans remember that his party was once the party of abolition? Created, in fact, in that image! And that the Democrats, home of the Rainbow Coalition since the New Deal, were once used the idea of miscegenation as an attack ad?

Oh, the humanity ...

Blogger The Lazy Iguana said...

And lets also not forget that the South used to be solid Democrat. Cause of that Lincoln guy.

But the Southern Democrats split off during the whole Civil Rights thing to become "Dixiecrats". And later they just merged with the Republican party - turning the South into a reddish purple and then just red.

And as for the abolitionist - remember the Quakers? They were the original abolitionist. Except for Mr. Penn. He owned slaves. but he was nice to them.

Blogger Tan Lucy Pez said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you James!

Yeah, George W is so dumb he makes it easy to make fun of him.

Blogger Sar said...

Happy Belated Turkey Day, Lazy Iggy!

Btw, I used that first Dubya Turkey (um, that's redundant, right?) image in my post last year - it rocks!


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