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Saturday, November 18, 2006

What The Hell Is Wrong With People?

Really. What the hell is wrong with people? Is there some kind of chemical that makes you stupid in the drinking water? My "stupid chemical in drinking water" would explain some world leaders still in office, but can it explain today's items?

Item 1: Thousands of idiots standing in line to get a new PS3 console. Police have had to respond to all manner of big box retail stores to control crowds. People have been trampled and seriously injured as crowds mobbed stores. And for what? A game system?

If you KNOW that a store only has 30 consoles in stock, and you see there are already over a hundred idiots camped out waiting for the store to open - guess what Einstein? They are not standing in line to buy a package of blank CDs or one of those mini USB drives. They are probably there for one of the 30 PS3 units. And with a hundred people already there - fewer than 1/3 are going to get one. You might as well just go home.

But no. What do idiots do? They join the crowd. And by joining the crowd, they REDUCE the chance that they will get a game console. Explain this level of stupidity! I can't.

EDITORS NOTE - yea I want a PS3. It is not only a game system, it is also a blu-ray DVD player. But I do not have a 1080p TV, so I do not really need a high def DVD player. Even if I had one, I would only be able to watch movies in regular resolution anyway. And the games? It is not like there is a shortage of PS2 games.

Item 2: The rich crazy people getting married. Who cares? Why is this story even on the national news radar? Is there nothing else going on in the world more important than Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes having a crazy cult wedding? Do people really give a crap? We all know that unless Katie is also insane she will dump Tom's nutty cultist ass in a year or less. And aren't you supposed to get married BEFORE the baby is born?

Not that this latest round of mass stupidity has not had its entertaining moments. CNN had a Scientology cult leader in the studio for a short piece. The cult leader (he calls himself Reverend something or other and claims to be the pastor of some sort of church) claimed that of all the "religions" he can think of, Scientology is the "most open". Oh really? Is that so? Well then how about you let me read the OT3 materials? Can I just walk into the cult center nearest to where I live and simply ask for any cult materials and they will give them to me? Without asking for lots of money and years of bullshit?

But the goon on TV let the cult leader get away with it. I would have said something like "you claim that Scientology is open. Well I can get a Bible for free. All I have to do is go to the nearest church and ask for one. If that fails, the Gideons will gladly give me one. Or the next time I stay in a hotel I can just take the bible left in the room. It says you can take it if you want. So can I get Scientology text for free? Huh? Can I? Can you provide the material distributed on your cult cruise ship?"

I so need my own TV show. But the problem is that after two or three shows it would be hard to find guests to appear.

Item 3: I am watching "How It's Made" on The Science Channel. One of the things they featured being made were mannequins. The mannequins being made were named "Mr. X" and "Lady Swing". The molds were first made in the 1970s, and are often used to display athletic stuff.

Now we all know mannequins are not anatomically correct. Yea they have bumps and bulges here and there, but you would never see one in a medical classroom. They only have bumps and bulges because people have these same bumps and bulges to some degree. And for clothing to fit on the mannequin properly, they have to be able to fit into said clothes.

But on The Science Channel, they blurred out Lady Swing's boobs. WHY? They are not even real boobs! They were made out of foam. There was no detail to the boobs, for detail would cost more money, and the extra money would mean less sales because a department store is NOT going to pay for that detail. They would buy from some other supplier.

Are we THAT repressed that we can not have mannequin boobs on a cable TV channel? We have to blur them out? Are fake foam no detail except for a tiny plastic nub that is supposed to be a nipple boobs that offensive? This is even worse when the former Attorney General John ASScroft had the statue of Lady Justice covered up because of the bare statue breasts.

Item 4: Do we REALLY need a car that can parallel park itself? Are you that bad of a driver that you can not friggin PARK YOUR OWN CAR? If you need a car that parallel parks itself, you should probably not even be driving - as driving is not a skill you have mastered. And why even advertise the self parking Lexus? It is going to sell for the $70,000 range. The fact there is a mass market for such cars in a nation where most people do not make more than $50,000 a year PROVES we are all insane. Why the hell would you pay more than you make in a year of hard work for a stupid car? If you pay more than you make in a year for a car - you should consider chemical castration so you do not pollute the gene pool any more than it already is.

I have said for years that the gene pool is in serious need of a massive shock treatment using concentrated chlorine.

So what is it that makes people so stupid in the USA? I already proposed my "chemicals in the drinking water" theory. This theory could be expanded to "chemicals in the air", "chemicals in the food" and so on.

But really - it has to be something? Can it be that America is a LOT more stuffy and repressed than anyone wants to admit? Or is someone putting stupid chemicals in the Coca-Cola?

I think that Congress needs to hold hearings right away.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I was annoyed by the CNN cult puffpiece too. The Cult of Scamtology is really going into PR overdrive to save its image and get new members (and money).

The sad thing?

The wedding PR will work on a few idiots "Oh, the church can't be that bad!" and wham, more people being drained of life and cash.

I lost a lot of respect for CNN for buying the cult reverends PR BS...

Blogger The Lazy Iguana said...

There are unlimited ways to part idiots from their money. Scientology is but one of those ways.

Blogger Tan Lucy Pez said...

I actually want to put one more chemical in the water. I think we should put birth-control in the drinking water, and give the antidote to only those can pass IQ and sanity tests.

As far as this junk on TV. I have the perfect answer: Don't watch. It will rot your brain.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yeah, maybe TV is making people so dumb that they don't notice dumber and dumber programing. That's really funny about the mannequins! Geez.

I've missed out on lots of blog-reading because of all this darn overtime--so, did you already make your excursion to Key West? We toured the Hemingway place, and I recommend it--very interesting.

You'd asked about our cruise--we're leaving from Fort Lauderdale, and that part didn't change--I wrote the details on today's entry...

Oh, and the worst person on CNN is Nancy Grace. omg

Blogger The Lazy Iguana said...

The worst person on CNN is the guy we kicked out of Miami. You know him as the one and only Rick Sanchez.

Top class grade A asshole.

By the way Rick, in case you are reading this. How is that guy you ran over while drunk? I hear he is still dead.


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