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Thursday, November 16, 2006

Help Plan My Excursion!

This may come as a major shock to those who are frequent readers to this blog - but the truth must be told!

I am fairly lazy.

Now this presents a problem. You see, it seems that I am expected to be "in charge" of all forms of trip planning. From how to get there, where to stay, what to do, and where to eat - I am supposed to do it all. She just wants to "relax". Whatever that means.

And what happens should I pick the wrong things to do? Somehow, it will be my fault. See how this works?

But this trip planning is easy. For starters, there is only one full day to plan. And that day will be mostly spent drinking. All I have to do is pick some Key West bars. Now seeing as how you can not walk a block on Duval Street without passing at least 5 bars, this will be easy. Anyway, here is the plan so far.

1. Friday. Arrive somehow. Either by land or by air. I kind of want to do the air thing, but right now that is under research. I have to do my cost-benefit analysis. And when I say "by air" I am NOT talking about American Eagle, TSA, and dealing with a massive airport!

I have a friend who has a single engine pilots license.

2. Find some cool places to hang out ay upon arrival. I am thinking THE LAZY GECKO!!! This Iguana has turned into a Gecko, what with the staying up late every night and such. I plan to see just how lazy a night lizard can get!

3. Find other bars. There is Hogs Breath Saloon, Green Parrot, Sloppy Joe's, Two Friends Bar (with much live karaoke), Schooner Wharf Bar, The Afterdeck At Louie's Backyard, and about a hundred other places.

4. MALLORY SQUARE! This is a must see for Key West. So what is it? A seawall. And what is so special about this seawall? Looking out from the seawall, you are facing west. And what does this have to do with the price of tea in China? West is there the sun sets. Every day, there is a mini circus at the square. There are all sorts of street performers doing all sorts of things. You go to watch the sun set, then enjoy the free show. If you like the act, you tip a few bucks. Ill do this Friday and Saturday.

5. Hemmingway House. I kind of want to check it out. There are six toed cats there, descends of Ernest Hemmingway's own pets. They need to inject some fresh DNA in there if you ask me.

6. Lighthouse Museum. It may be cool. There will be all sorts of nautical historic stuff. But my friend is not really into boats that much.

7. Treasure Museum. Real treasure from the glory days of the Spanish Main - all found on the wreck of the Spanish Galleon "Atocha".

Now not all of this stuff will be done. I do not want to run myself ragged trying to do too many things in the short time I will be there. For the most part, the time will be spent walking Old Town Key West in search of the next place to get a drink, or a cool looking shop to check out.

And if I plan the wrong thing, it will somehow be my fault.


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