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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

No Upgrade For Me!

It seems this blog can not be switched to Beta. I am guessing this is because I have more than "a couple thousand posts and/or comments". None of the other reasons fit. And what are those other reasons? "Team blogs" and those who did the "Blogger Plus" premium service thing - which was done away with years ago. So only one reason fits.

But whatever. There are far more important things going on than blogger beta.

Like the beer situation. Three weeks ago I went out in the boat. I took the standard provision of 12 bottles of Samuel Adams on board. I never unloaded them. This past weekend I went out on the boat again, to provide support for a kayak race thing. Upon return to port, I took inventory. I am down to TWO BEERS. So I need to get more. And one of these days, I have to unload the remaining beers from the boat!

And then there is the rum situation. I am pretty much out of that stuff too. And with the holidays approaching, I should probably get more "holiday cheer". One of these days. No hurry.


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