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Thursday, February 01, 2007

You Tube Sucks

It seems You Tube is showing its ass. For whatever reason it will not let me post videos here. I think it may have something to do with the switch to the new blogger. I posted videos here a few times before the switch with no problems. But not now.

So if anyone has any suggestions - I could use them! What I have done so far is to delete the old settings and attempted to add this blog as a new one. It did not work. Oh well.

So anyway, to watch the video CLICK HERE!

Ever hear of the Pet Spa? It is a fully automated pet washing machine. You put your pet into this cabinet box shaped thing. There is a clear window so you can see in and your pet can see out. Water jets spray water everywhere. There is also an air dry cycle. Your pet comes out of the machine clean and dry. It works more like an automatic dish washer than a clothing washing machine. Nothing fills up with water. Think of a fully enclosed shower stall, with multiple shower heads.

It was designed to with the input of veterinarians. The water and air temperature is carefully controlled by a computer. There are multiple safety features built in.

The video link is from someone who was told that "cats love this". Yea right. Cats LOVE being stuck in an automatic dish washer. But the owners used it anyway. By the comments they left on You Tube they would give their cat a bath every so often. Most cat owners simply do not do this cause the cats hate it, and it is a pain in the ass. So they thought the machine would be a good alternative to getting scratched.

The video is set to music. It is quite funny. Exactly what I thought would happen did happen. The wash cycle was aborted early by the owners.

The Pet Spa website has numerous photos of both a cat and a dog using the Pet Spa. Both seem to be somewhat calm. Of course, they are still photos - not video.



Blogger Ed Abbey said...

I don't think I could sleep well at night if I had done that to my cat and he had looked at me like that cat did the camera at the end of the clip. I would be afraid that my jugular would be chewed on by a vengeful cat.

Blogger Fuzz said...

I guess that is a little nicer than throwing them in a creek, but then, maybe not.

Blogger The Lazy Iguana said...

Ed - I would be worried that the cat may try to poop in my shoes as revenge. That act would be the ULTIMATE kitty revenge. Taking a dump in your work shoes.

Fuzz - It depends on how cold the creek water is.

Blogger Senor Caiman said...

The Lazy,

I don't think your content frame is wide enough for the youtube box. It looks like you have some wiggle room, enlarge it. I'm using new blogger and I haven't had trouble with youtube.

Blogger Badoozie said...

before i even watch that video, i'm going to say....yes they asked a veterinarian, but did they ask a PET PSYCHOLOGIST? I THINK NOT. i'm betting little fido comes out of there with a new tude.

Blogger Badoozie said...

i have not laughed that hard all day.

at first i was going to say they obviously did not test that product very well...but then i got to thinking, they knew what would happen, they were counting on it, that way the machine does not have to do the actual oscillating movement, the cat is doing all of the work.

Blogger Badoozie said...


Blogger The Lazy Iguana said...

The funniest thing was the music. They could not have found a funnier song to set the video to.

Blogger Badoozie said...

i don't even recall the music. funny. guess i'll have to watch it again

Blogger Kristen said...

That video made me laugh and cry at the same time. I have very little tolerance for anything that could scare the wits out of a cat like that...but those first few jumps were rather comical.

It appears that this particular video has disabled the embedding option, so you have to follow a link to see it at youtube. Youtube doesn't suck, just that user.

Blogger The Lazy Iguana said...

Badoozie - the music is perfect. "Under The Sea" from The Little Mermaid.

Kristen - the owners were not trying to be mean to the cat. Apparently they are one of those "lets give the cat a bath often" people. Maybe someone is slightly allergic - in which case cat baths DO help. They saw the machine, and the store people assured them that many people put their cats in it and the cats all love it. The owners though it would be less stressful to the cat than the tub.

Yea right. Cats LOVE jets of water.

It was funny however.

Blogger Cheesemeister said...

I need that machine for my long-hair dachshund. He's a pain in the ass to wash!

Blogger Sam said...

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If you are tired of youtube all together than you should probably leave your bedroom and go interact with the real world ;)


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