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Monday, September 10, 2007


It seems to be Monday. Again.

The weekend is over. I still have to post the one photo I took Saturday of my boat tied up to a dock. I think I need another digital camera. The one I have is great - but lacks one important feature. It does not like to get wet. My digital camera HATES water. This is a problem, as I must keep it dry on a small boat.

But there are a few waterproof digital cameras I am looking at. I just need to put together a few pennies and maybe a nickel or two. I kind of like the Sealife DC-600. It is a 6.1 MP digital camera that is rated for 200 feet without a bulky housing. And you can get external flashes for it. External flash units are important - the wimpy flash built into cameras will not cut it underwater. You need big mega flashes. Water absorbs color - by 10 feet underwater there is no more red. You need a good flash to bring out the colors.

Anyway - one of these days. I just need to start collecting that spare change. Sooner or later I will collect enough. Maybe Ill find some pirate treasure or something. Who knows. And then I can post cool photos of fish and stuff. Maybe some corals. Maybe a Biscayne Bay speed bump. The problem with photos of the speed bumps is that it is illegal to "harass" them. And the water is cold when they show up. So it is better to photograph them from inside the boat. If you jump the water with them, you can be considered to be "harassing" them. And the water will be cold.

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Blogger TLP said...

Just become a pirate and you'll have your camera in no time.

Is it Monday? I didn't notice.

Blogger The Lazy Iguana said...

It was Monday. Now it is not. Only one comment?

Blogger Cheesemeister said...

I'm just slow as usual! I was up all day and didn't fall asleep till evening time. Was a tad late to work again. I fell asleep while cooking fish sticks and curly fries for a real healthy and gourmet dinner for myself and the son. Luckily I cook in a convection oven and so the timer shut off automatically. Unfortunately, Son didn't think to check on me and see if I'd fallen asleep against my better judgment until 9:30, and I have to be at work at 10. I inhaled the curly fries and fish sticks and was glad that I work at a job where hardly anyone sees me because I looked like a complete wreck.

Blogger Fuzz said...

Did somebody have a case of the "Mondays" ?


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