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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

The Post That Will Never Be

So I had this great rant written, as well as a comment for another blog. I like to read other blogs and comment while I am writing stuff here. Do not ask why, nobody knows. Not even me.

Anyway, I click "publish post" and..........Blogger was updating something. The comment and post were both lost. Oh well. It has happened before, and will probably happen again.

If this were not bad enough, I totally forgot what I had typed. Short term memory loss. I can remember things like Great Slave Lake somewhere in Canada (in the Northwest Territories) is the deepest lake in North America - but not by much. It is less than 100 feet deeper than Crater Lake. See I can remember useless crap like that - for it is firmly in long term memory. But other stuff that is more important is forgotten as quickly as I can spend money at a boat show. Really fast.

What was that chick's name again? Lisa? Linda? I think it was a L name. Or was it a M name? CRAP! No that is not is, I am sure her name is not "crap".

Everyone should just wear a name tag all the time. It would make things easier.


I got some cool outriggers for my kayak. They are foam floats on metal poles that strap on the hull. The floats have a considerable amount of flotation and should add a decent amount of stability. Maybe this weekend I will put the kayak in the water and attempt to use the sail. This will be a good test for its stability. And if they work - great! I have something I can learn how to sail in. Once I get good with sailing the kayak, I may sign up for sailing school and get into a 25 - 40 foot sailboat. Not to buy it, unless I really am crazy enough to just live on a sailboat. I have it figured out already. I could join the Miami Yacht Club, and then just find a spot in the free anchorage. I could keep the truck at the yacht club for a mere $100 a month. When I need to go on land, just take a dingy to the club and beach it. No problem. The yacht club has showers and stuff.

And what about electricity? Solar and wind. I would have to live off the grid. Dock space with shore power is costly. Very costly. But the sun and wind is free.

Am I nutty enough to do this? Can I still get satellite TV on the boat? Will I have enough electricity generation power? Will I go insane without AC in the summer? And what about internet access? Will people still find ways to knock on my door to share the good news that they are handing out some kind of propaganda? Who knows.

But I am crazy enough to learn how to sail a decent size boat. And then I can rent a sailboat for a weekend when I want to. The sailing schools will rent you stuff once they know you are not going to run their boat into something. A weekend on a 25 - 30 foot sailboat every few months would be cool.

And it all starts with my 16 foot kayak and its small sail.



Blogger TLP said...

It's been quiet in the blog world lately. That's why comments are dropping off. Everyone's comments are low.

If you are ever going to "live off the grid," now is the time. The second best time is after you are retired. The advantage to waiting until retirement is that you will have a set income, and if you have worked at the right place, you will have medical insurance.

The advantage to doing it now is you are young, strong, and healthy enough to enjoy the work that it will be. Also it might, might appeal to (some) chicks.

Blogger Fuzz said...

I like to sail, at least what little bit I've done. I've thought about trying to rig the canoe with a sail. It would be nice to have the wind working for me instead of against me. But the wind on these small lakes is a hit or miss thing.

Blogger AP3 said...

I HATE it when that happens! That really is frustrating.

Your boating tales make me jealous. You should check out my friend Manchego's blog... scroll down for some kayak/boat posts.

Blogger The Lazy Iguana said...

TLP - it is really hot here. Going off the grid may just attract hippie chicks that have more body hair than I do.

Fuzz - Sailing is a lifestyle. There are kits that will turn your canoe into a sailboat. You can also make something yourself with some wood and a sheet. I would brace the joints with some metal - but you can handle that. You want to keep it light weight so I would not make the whole thing out of steel. You may also need some outriggers for stability.

AP3 - I will check out that link. I really like going out in the boat. Boat season lasts all year here.

Blogger Saur♥Kraut said...

Go for it! Do the sailing! If you lived closer, I'd help. Although, pitifully enough, I haven't taken my catamaran out in over a month. :P

Blogger Cheesemeister said...

Booger still eats my comments. Now that it has the auto save feature, the posts get eaten less often.
The most horrid feeling in the world is when I've been working on a story for, say, an hour and a half. I realize I haven't saved in equally as long. I go to save...and everything...freezes. NOOOOOOO!!!!! And then I have to pull the plug, pop the battery and restart. And have to try and recreate what I just write and know I never can. This to me is proof that whether or not there is a holy deity, there is indeed an evil one.
I am so busy trying to promote the book that I am no longer human. I have become so involved in traffic exchanges that I created a new blog that rates them. You can go there if you want, but it's really boring. Still, maybe there will be some helpful information. You can use traffic exchanges to promote blogs and maybe get visitors, though most people are trying to promote MLM---or other traffic exchanges. I've gotten some hits, though.
I thought I'd offended people with my 9/11 post. Guess I can't offend people that weren't there in the first place!

Blogger The Lazy Iguana said...

Saur - I probably will. I just need to get the spare ca$h together. There are three sailing schools I am looking into now.

CM - I totally spaced 9-11 this year. Really, I just forgot. I was reminded only when some on-air guy at Sirius satellite radio mentioned it. It was a very strange feeling to realize that I forgot.


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