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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Beer Breakdown

Well I broke down. I could resist myself. The Polish Beer in the fridge was beckoning me. It was all like "drink me.......drink me......". So I did.

I opened something called "Lomza". I think. The "L" looks kind of like a lower case t. In fact the letter is NEITHER a L or a T, it is some other letter that is part of the Polish Alphabet.

From Wikipedia:

Łomża is a town in north-eastern Poland, approximately 90 miles (150 km) from Warsaw and 50 miles (81 km) from Białystok. It is situated alongside the river Narew and has been in the Podlachian Voivodeship since 1999; previously, it was the capital of the Lomza Voivodeship (1975-1998). It is the capital of Łomża County.

As best I can taste, this beer is some sort of lager. It has a pleasant golden color, and is very well balanced. I do not know if it is "malty" or "hoppy". 6% ABV (alcohol by volume) means it has some kick, but not too much. Good stuff.

In other news, Netflix rules even more than it used to. With my account I now get.....UNLIMITED ONLINE MOVIE WATCHING ACCESS! That is right! Unlimited. I used to get 1 hour of online watching time for each buck spent per month. Well now that is UNLIMITED.

I may never get any sleep again.

The GPS gets shipped off for repairs or whatever today. My plan is to insure it for $400 and HOPE UPS destroys the GPS in transit. Loss of the GPS would also be acceptable. Then I can get my insurance money and just buy a newer unit. Heck maybe I can insure it for $5 ,000 and then get an even better GPS and a cool as all hell Humminbird side scan sonar thing with built in GPS and a full color digital traditional sonar. That would rule. about you do your thing UPS? Make the package vanish. See to it that it is never seen again. Ill even leave a fresh crisp un-marked $100 bill in the box for the driver as my way of saying "thanks for dumping this box in the trash burner where it will never be seen again".

I know that if they try hard enough, UPS can totally trash the GPS.

And in other news.......looky here what I found on Craigslist! No, not the boat. THE TOP! Some guy makes these tops for $600. Really good deal here. The tops come with 6 rod holders (which would give my boat a grand total of 18 rod holders, or .95 rods per foot of boat length), two outrigger mounts, four antenna mounts, and 4 light mounts. That is an ass load of mounts. Now why get the T-Top when I already have a Bimini top? Good question. There are many reasons why I would want the T-Top over a Bimini top. For one, I can get an electronics box and mount that in the T-Top, giving me more dry storage for stuff. I could also get a T-Bag which holds life jackets for quick access. The rod holders mean that ONLY the rods I am actually using are in the active holders. The rest are in the T-Top holders or the in the side of the boat rod holders.

The Bimini top may provide more shade. But there are also support poles that attach to the gunwales of the boat. So if you are fishing and need to walk around the boat while fighting a fish these supports get in your way.

But I already have a plan to work around this. Simply make it so that I can put the Bimini top up forward of the T-Top. So if I am just going out to goof off or something, I can have both tops and provide shade for most of (if not all of) the boat. Or I can remove the Bimini top and leave it at home if there is to be a fishing mission.

Or I can sell the Bimini top. It is in excellent shape and I could get at least $200 for it. So that would make the new top cost only $400. Much better than $600!

I plan to check out the seller's handy work some time this week. If I like what I see and the welds are good and the materials are of acceptable quality - then I may just get the top installed.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

on what i've read about your fishing trips, it seems remote that you would be fighing a fish of sufficient size for the support poles on the gunwhales to be an issue....but you never know.

if a lot of beer is consumed, they may even prove handy to hold onto.

if you are goin after the big mothers, could you get one of those strap in chairs?...they look cool, and if people saw your boat, they would know you are one serious fisherman!

Blogger cathouse teri said...

I totally loved your "Jesus Saves" joke. I mean the concept was brilliant. Story was a little wordy, but with a little polish, could really be a great one! ;)

Blogger The Lazy Iguana said...

Ponder - On a nice day I could get pretty far offshore. Maybe even into tuna territory. Swords run right off Miami as well, so in theory I could hit one of those. The T-Top will be more of a place to put things. I could put a larger antenna on it, and get the current antenna out of my way. I could put better brighter side lights on it. I could put the mast head light up there and get it out of my eyes. The electronics box is a good place to put the stereo and satellite radio receiver and other stuff that I want to keep dry and yet at hand. The Bimini support poles are not really sturdy enough to use as grab points. But people grab them anyway. The T-Top would be much more sturdy.

Teri - good to see you here! The joke is a little long. But like I said, my material was limited by the punchline.

Blogger Lily Strange said...

I used to work at UPS, back in 1998. The conveyor belt that brought the packages to the handlers was very capable of tearing packages to shreds and sometimes they would all bottleneck up in the chutes and we had to get a big pole and knock them free. I once had a parcel come completely open, spewing its contents over the line. We had to stop the line to retrieve the watch, necklace and bracelet before it got to the end of the conveyor and was eaten. There was a whole repackaging division.

Blogger The Lazy Iguana said...

Lily - I hope the belt eats up the GPS. That would be sweet. I over insured it for a few hundred bucks, so if it is lost or destroyed by UPS I can get an upgrade. A slightly larger GPS that also works as a figh finder. One less instrument on the helm!!

Blogger Scarlet W. Blue said...

I got the unlimited online watching, too! Now if I could just find the time to watch....

My advice: DHL.

Blogger Scarlet W. Blue said...

I linked to two of your posts, BTW (in my latest post, AFTER you read it). And the answer is YES.

Blogger M@ said...

My grandfather literally came from Poland in the 18th century. I mean, the tail end. Wow.

I need to clear some HD space to watch my Netflix online. I'm psyched.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I really appreciate the fact you are a drunk, and hope that some day we can be drunk together, cause thats how i roll, tootsie!

Blogger The Lazy Iguana said...

Scarlet - I already watched both seasons of Heroes. There are other TV shows I wish they had. A lot of the movies they have for instant watching are lame. But still, it is cool.

M@ - On my dad's side of the family there are a few Pollocks. The Polish beer tasted strangely familiar.

Doozie - That would be cool. I have always wanted to get up in that neck of the woods. When I was a kid putting together the 50 State puzzles I wanted to go to the Northwest. I am a drunk. Alcoholics go to meetings.

Blogger Avery Gray said...

So, what kind of rod holders do you have now? The stand-up ones? (No, I don't know what they're called.) The ones we have go under the little ledge on the sides, so the extra rods aren't in the way.

$600 seems like an awful lot to pay for a top. It's not an unfair price for one, though. My father-in-law put a big gash in our vinyl one, and he had it replaced for $750. Still, why dump more money into the boat if you don't have to? It's expensive enough as it is.

Blogger The Lazy Iguana said...

Avery - Right now I have 12 rod holders. 4 vertical rod holders in the splash well, 4 angle holders on the gunwales, and 4 molded inside the boat along the sides. The T-Top would give me 6 more places.

$600 is really not a lot for a T-Top. In fact it is a pretty good price. The t-top has some advantages over a Bimini top. I have a small boat, so having the space to mount a full size antenna and an electronics box and all would be great.


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