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Saturday, January 12, 2008

The Death Of New Ideas

I had a great post idea last night, but I forgot what it was. Really. I think it was good too. But you know what? Maybe the idea sucked so that is why I forgot it. Or maybe I will just think up something else.

But I am not the only one out of ideas. I just say a commercial for a "new" movie. Rambo. Are they fucking kidding me? How much do script writers get? How much do movie studio "idea people" get? And the best they can do is revive some old OLD tired movie from the 80s? With the SAME GUY? And the same "I can barely articulate myself" actor? Stallone has to be 80 at this point. How much longer do we have to be subjected to this crap? There were two or three Rambo movies in the 80s. That is MORE than enough.

Rambo - this time he wants his Social Security!
Rambo 2 - Hip Replacement.
Rambo 3 - The "meatloaf day" revolt.

Are they kidding? Are there no new movie ideas? HEY STUDIO GUYS! I have a great idea for you. You can have this one for free, the next 500 will cost you.

OK here is the idea! The Russian TERRORIST army invades America. They air drop troops in some small Midwest town and take it over. But a handful of teens escape to the woods, with guns and food and stuff. They call themselves the "Wolverines" because that is the mascot for their high school or some shit. You can call the movie "Red Dawn".

I also have an idea where some kid steals a USAF fighter jet and flies deep into Libya Iraq to rescue his father who is a fighter pilot that was shot down and captured. You can call that movie "Iron Eagle". Or better yet you can call it "High tech composite polymer Night Hawk" and the kid can steal a F-117 stealth fighter, or "Carbon Fiber Raptor" and the kid can steal a F-22. The possibilities are endless here!

Both these ideas are brand new fresh never before used ideas! So pay me already. I have tons more.

The really sad part is that it is likely that the movie will make money. And for what? An ANCIENT recycled idea warmed over? People will make millions. And the Nation will become just a little more retarded.

But all is not lost. It seems that the most obvious cause of the broken anchor windlass was overlooked. I tend to do this. Out on the water I went right to the switch and breaker panel and windlass itself. But do I check the fuse panel? Hell no. So today I look in the center console and notice the fuse panel and there is a 25 amp blown fuse.

Huh! That should not be blown! I wonder what is up with that? So I get another fuse, pop it in, and the thing work again. Now this is great news.

I had a low key birthday thing. And the gift of.....BOOZE! Yes the gift that just keeps giving. I got four beers from Eastern Europe and a bottle of wine from Spain. Nice. So that resolution to "have at least one beer per month I have never had before" is off to a good start. I have 4 months of beer in the fridge now. Of course it will not last 4 months.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

what about things like, the brady bunch movie, and the movie of hairspray, they bug the heck out of me. (hands off the simpsons movie though)

an intermittent short is the worst kind of electrical problem, so i hope you just had a dud fuse.

my preferred beers are carlton draught and melbourne bitter. if you can lay your hands on them, they are great. mothers milk.

Blogger Cheesemeister said...

crap, that happened to me too. Literally! I had this idea for a post and in the hour that it took to drive to my son's school, pick him up and drive home I completely forgot what I was going to say. I guess I'm well suited to working with the elderly, at least those whose memories are failing, because I can't remember a damn thing either!

Blogger Fuzz said...

Yeah, I know what ou mean about those ideas and what ever happend to your...?

I usually think the worst and never check the simple stuff either. Kinda dumb like that.

Blogger M@ said...

I like the movie where these people put together this really lame, half-assed rescue and the hostages are like, "THIS is my rescue attempt?"

That bit always cracks me up. Well, at least we tried!

Blogger actonbell said...

Rambo - this time he wants his Social Security!

LOL, this could work!! It could be an uproarious comedy.

Congrats on scoring all the booze for your birthday:)

Blogger Scarlet W. Blue said...

Hey, be glad it wasn't another Rocky movie.

You had a birthday? Happy BD, Lazy Ig. Happy drinking, too.

The Brewmaster made a braggot. Tastes like wine. Got some Full Moon, too. Party night.

Blogger The Lazy Iguana said...

Ponder - I would never watch "The Brady Bunch" anything. But the chick that plays Marsha would probably be hot. The fuse popped because the electric motor was put under strain and drew just a little too much current. POP!

CM - Rambo may be one of your patients soon. You never know.

Fuzz - your......what? I usually check the simple things first. But not this time.

M@ - That gag was good once or twice. But sometimes predictability is part of the movie jokes.

Actionbell - Rambo - Dude, Where Are My Dentures At?

Scarlet - sounds good!I need to start brewing my own again.

Anonymous Sambo said...

At first I though you made the whole Rambo thing up but after a little google search my fears where realized. Stalone must be getting short on funds because he wrote, produced, directed and stars in the film. It seems Hollywood is out of new ideas. The last new idea film I saw was Pan's Labyrinth.

Blogger The Lazy Iguana said...

Sambo - he wrote it? No wonder the movie only had 5 words in it - and even those are mumbled. I remember from one of the "Airplane!" movies a poster for Rocky XVIII. It was some really old frail looking dude with boxing gloves. I think the movie got that poster from the future.


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