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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Mac Rant

Today I get some email from Apple. I do not know why. I have never owned an Apple product. Not even an I-Pod. I bought a cheap Chinese MP3 player that looks like a USB thumb drive and works just as well as the I-Pod but cost a shit load less AND uses a single AAA battery AND is also a thumb drive. So in many ways it is BETTER than the I-Pod.

Anyway, some new fancy laptop is going to be released. It is super thin, but has no drive. They want $3,098 for the thing! THREE GRAND!!! And what do you get? 1.8 GHZ dual core Intel processor, 2 gigs ram, 64 gig solid state hard drive (no moving parts), a 13 inch display, and 802.11n Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 2.1.

THREE GRAND!?!?! Are you people at Apple smoking crack?! Yea the solid state no moving parts hard drive is cool. But for THREE GRAND you are asking too much. I get an underpowered processor (not even a quad core here!), not enough ram (PC laptops are going out with twice that amount for 1/3 the price) and only 64 gigs HD.

Now I asked a Mac sales hole about why on Earth Macs cost so much. I mean, they use INTEL parts at this point. So why can I get a PC with the same specs as a Mac for half (or less) the price?

The sales hole had no good answer. All he could do was talk about bullshit. But the video card! Oh, you mean the same video card that this Toshiba laptop has? Oh and the Toshiba has more memory and a larger hard drive - for $500 less!


So I get to thinking. IF Macs use Intel hardware now, why not just install the Mac OS on a PC? Can it be done? Well as it turns out it can be done. The processor is made by Intel - same crap as in a PC. I just checked and the Mac Book Pro uses an NVida graphics card - same crap as you get in a PC. So what is the deal here? I just get a PC laptop with an Intel dual core processor, the same NVida video card, and then install OS X on it. Right?

Really, you Apple people are on crack. Yes your OS is really cool - much better than anything Microsoft is producing. But your OS is not worth the extra grand or so your laptops cost.

And the hardware - shit you are trying to sell me a 1.8 ghz dual core processor with one gig of ram and a small hard drive for $2,000??! Really?!?! Do you realize that for that kind of cheese I can get a quad core processor, more ram, and more hard drive with a PC? I hope you do.

Another example of how Apple comes up with great ideas then drops the ball is the I-Phone. Yea it is slick. Yes it has a great mobile web browser - in fact it has THE BEST mobile browser. But you know what it lacks? The 3G network. Why the hell do you make this new "revolutionary" phone but make it so it uses the OLDER SLOWER data network? Any good reason? And why do you not make the phone so I can use it as a laptop modem? Why not make it so it uses full bluetooth 2.0 capabilities? WHY?!?!?! And you still want to charge a lot for it. And idiots still buy it.

I guess marketing DOES work.

Hey Apple - make your computers competitive to the cost of a new PC and you will make a huge inroad to greater market share. Really. You would. You can charge a little more - but double the cost is insane.

Holy shit WHY IS IT SO DIFFICULT to do something as simple as getting a computer? Either overpay for old hardware to get a OS that works, or run Windows and have a computer that ships with viruses pre-installed in the operating system.

And yes, Windows does come with viruses pre-installed. What the hell else would YOU call software that loads itself into active memory that you can not uninstall? Well I would call that "a virus". Or at best "spy ware" or "as ware". Windows LOVES to put shit in there you can not uninstall. NO I DO NOT WANT AOL!!! You assholes! I do not want it! So get it the hell OFF my computer!!! NO I DO NOT WANT TO CONNECT TO THE MICROSOFT NETWORK! To hell with the Microsoft Network. I do not want to connect to it - EVER. So get it off my computer!

But Windows is watching out for me. They will not let me uninstall those things, because I might need them in the future.

Likewise I do not want all those "trial" versions of shit. Either ship my computer with FULL VERSIONS or none at all. I do not want trial versions. Because I just have to uninstall them. If I can.

So what I want to do is get a PC, and install the Mac OS on it. This would be ideal.



Blogger Avery Gray said...

They charge that much because people will pay it. My husband practically gets his jollies off anything with the Apple logo on it.

Perhaps I should get one of their t-shirts.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

there is some fancy talk in there...way above me. i do know this though, a new lap top computer here does cost around $3,000, so this new apple one will probably top $5,000. where were you at with the beer

Blogger actonbell said...

That IS sticker shock (almost as shocking as Tom lettin' those stray cats in the house with Icy).
And this was an excellent rant-I'm constantly angry that I can't uninstall stuff that's slowing down my already-slow system. I'd love to have a laptop, too, but everything is so expensive.
MP3 players are another joke--I too have a cheapie that functions very well. Marketing has gotten out of hand, and you'd think the more savvy young people of today would see through it.

Blogger M@ said...

Oh, that's what I told the geeks at work. I'm happy to use Mac so long as someone else is paying for it. Buy me a Mac and I'll be quite happy w/ it, I'm sure.

Blogger The Lazy Iguana said...

Avery - An Apple T-Shirt will cost twice what any other T-Shirt costs and it will be made of the same material, at the same factory, by the same slave/child labor as any other shirt.

Ponder - the USD is dropping like a rock. Really. 1 Auzzie Dollar is 88 cents US. So 3,000 US is $3,403.26 Auzzie. But Bush says "the economy is good". I guess all those currency traders are just bush hating liberals, trying to devalue the dollar on purpose to make him look bad.

Actionbell - The I-Pod is pure marketing. The MP3 player I got is only 2 gigs but the iPod shuffle is only 1 gig. The Nano is 4 or 8 gigs. My cheapie player was $50 - $30 LESS than the shuffle and twice the capacity. The 4 gig nano is three times more for double the capacity.

M@ - I would like to get a Mac laptop. I really would. But they are just so much! I do like the operating system better than Windows. But once you factor in the cost of the hardware (more expensive than a PC) and the cost of the software (more expensive than PC software AND harder to find pirate versions)it is just too much. Chances are I would end up running a lot of PC software on it anyway using a Windows emulator.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

i did a post last week about the cost of things here compared to there, apparently our clothes and grog are more expensive than yours, and now too it would seem, computers.

Blogger Fuzz said...

I like my Mac, but you are right about the price and all the marketing shit.

Blogger Cheesemeister said...

I despise trial versions. I have never been able to uninstall McAfee from my old computer which is the only thing I have that allows me to connect to the Internet until I get my tax return, and it is held together with chewing gum and shoestrings. McAfee makes it run super slow. I've tried to uninstall it but I can't. I loathe this sort of thing. It's like it comes pre-installed with a virus.


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