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Thursday, February 14, 2008

Feb 14

According to the calender, it is the 14th. So you know what this means right??

The Miami International Boat Show opens today. Today is the "preview" day for the mega yacht / large boat people. Tickets are extra expensive, but there will be special events at the boat dealer booths. Champagne and shit. Because today is the day for the champagne and shit crowd.

I will not be there. Today is not the day for people like me. So far the plan is to hit the place up Friday. I like to go to look around at all the stuff that I can not afford and/or have no place for on my boat. Like radar equipment. And waterproof LCD HD television sets. And larger boats. And wave runners. And so on. But not all the stuff is stuff that I can not afford. I usually end up picking up some odds and ends.

What?? You expected me to mention some other event?



Blogger Emma Sometimes said...

My sisters hate Valentines Day. I can agree, unless you have a 'Valentine' it TRULY sucks. Sometimes it even sucks when you have one....been there done that back when I was 18. I had the worst hang over the next day. Revenge drinking is really not wise.

Blogger Fuzz said...

Candy is much more economical than a yacht.

Blogger The Lazy Iguana said...

Emma - chicks that hate Valentines Day? Surly you jest. Send em to South Florida. But you should tell them I am a strange person. For one, I am really seriously considering joining the Miami Yacht Club and living on a sailboat. I may or may not have shore power for the sail boat. So that means it will be like camping every day. Only I should have a toilet and a cold water shower. The Yacht Club has hot showers and electricity and internet and stuff. Membership at the Yacht Club is only $110 or $120 a month. Cheap ass rent if you ask me.

Fuzz - You got that right. Even the expensive imported chocolate is economical compared to a yacht. But yachts are more fun. They are there even after the chocolate is gone. And you can live on one. So if I am going to live on a boat, $100,000 is not really a lot to spend. I could not even buy a ratty little apartment for that much in this town!

Blogger Dusty said...

I hope you enjoyed yourself at the Boat Show today Lazy. ;)

Blogger Cheesemeister said...

Yeah, I expected you to mention my flea-dipped birthday! Of course you didn't know that it's my birthday but that's because it hasn't been declared an intergalactic holiday just yet.
The only thing I like about Valentine's day is the candy. I am not an icky sticky romantic person. I am a curmudgeon! We hate Valentine's day.


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