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Sunday, March 02, 2008

How To Win Friends And Influence People.

Volunteer to do shit.

Seriously. Thats all you have to do.

While hanging out at the Yacht Club because I was stranded there because the causeway was closed down for many hours and I figured better to wait there for traffic to thin out than it was to sit in my vehicle wasting gas stuck in the traffic - someone handed me a cool full color postcard sized thing announcing a Miami to Key Largo sailboat race.

Well this is all fine and good, but I lack a sailboat. Otherwise it may be fun. I think I saw this race kick off before, and if this is the case most of the boats in it were small open sailboats. Day sailors. No cabins. In fact, a good number of them were launched from a nearby beach.

Anyhow I say to the person handing the notices out "do you need control boats". As it turns out this was a stupid question. Of course they need what they are calling "race committee boats". So I said I could do it, because after all the club is nice enough to let me in the place and run up a bar tab.

The person was very happy to hear this. Apparently, they really need committee boats. And as it turns out, I need something to do that day. So they asked what I have and I told them and all was good.

Now mainly I am doing this because the club does not have to let my group in every week. Some of the group are members, but still. The club does not have to make a training classroom available, and they do not have to let the group keep a boat on a trailer at the club for no charge.

So therefore, I should help the club out whenever I can for their events. That way everyone gets something out of the deal.

Once it was uncovered that I am not exactly a member, I was handed an application form. I mean if I am going to become involved with club events and stuff why not join? Then I could go to the club whenever I want, bring guests, and stuff.

Plus when I am out on the water I have a place I can dock at if the weather turns crappy or I just want a dockside place to eat or I run out of beer or whatever may happen.

But - it is not that simple. The initiation fee is $1800. That is a lot of hundreds. And then it is another $100 or so a month, but you get $30 is bar bucks which I would use up so in reality it only $70 or so a month.

There is another membership level one step down from full. The initiation fee is $900 and $50 a month - with no bar bucks.

With full membership comes the possibility of a wet slip or dry storage at the club for a boat. Dry storage means on a trailer, and a wet slip comes with shore power AND a water hookup. So in theory, with a wet slip I could live at the club on a sailboat. I would have AC and running water and I could upgrade the phone account so that I can use the cell phone hooked up to a laptop for internet access - or aim a high gain antenna at the club and use their wireless router.

Problem is, neither one fits the budget right now. I am too po' to join any sort of yacht club. Maybe one day. But not today.

The person handing out the race stuff also offered to sell me a 25 foot full keel 4 foot draft sailboat. It is not being used anymore. Some boat yard is taking care of it. The hull is painted pink and there may or may not be "leopard skin" print furniture in the cabin. So at the very least it has to be repainted, renamed, and I might need covers for the furniture in the cabin.

But the offer price was good - for a boat in good shape. $2500.

But really - this is not really in the budget right now either. Oh well. One of these days.



Blogger Fuzz said...

That boat sounds tempting, if one lived somewhere where one could count on more than 4ft. of water. Sometimes all I can get around here is about 4in.
It would need paint though.

Blogger The Lazy Iguana said...

The 4 foot draft is not a problem. I just have to stay in the marked channels and/or away from areas 4 feet or less deep. The water would be of the salt variety and not much good for your water usage purposes.

Blogger Cheesemeister said...

Volunteering to do things is not a good idea where I work or some numb-nuts will decide it's a good idea to make it your permanent job!


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